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Oh cold war even before ukraine was agitating for independence mold devia was among the first nations to say we want a way and initially the mode davian independence movement wanted to reunite with romania but then it quickly morphed into wanting full independence for itself and they succeeded and became independent in 1991 change the alphabet back to latin so now mold davian which is basically romanian became like its own branch of romanian and it is a dialect and its prime moldovan now right and then they changed their name to mold of not for any reason i can understand except that the country is sorted defined by its position on the moldova river you could call it moldavia or or you could call it moldova tomato tomato tomato tomato and the mold of our river the i mean th the legend of it is that many many many not aeons but a epoch ago a prince but actually he was described as of a hug voivoide of ias of vojvode it's like a counter like i think dracula's of vojvodina's while avoiding surround kind of aristocrat so the vojvode of mara moorish which is a territory of romania entrance that of what you started making our names irs nightmare as the version but i just threats as sure of murder moorer moorer moorer edged bs and these are romanian maimed that have little to the the voters have little tales on these in essence have things coming off right so it looks like it's build mara maher us but it's actually mira moorish abut his name was drago sh and he's the fictional guy from goes for you to oh that's right drago sh who lived on the south of who is guarded by zulle.

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