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Congratulating the university of Virginia for a winning the national. I loved it when she said wineries and breweries though that kind of term meal part same thing with postman and Winston Kelly. They they like their brewery, the elector wineries we like racing they're about to get back to at one to go to a quick reset to fifty one down one forty nine to go. We rapidly close again to the final stages of tonight's event. And again that is Toyota owners four hundred. Raceway top ten getting ready to go back to the green line up this way. True accent Lagaan oh row. One Brad Kozlowski. Kevin Harvick row to wrote three Boston. Dylan and Flint Boyer wrote four Kyle Busch and Paul Menard role fi for the restart Kurt Busch. And guess who Denny Hamlin cracking now inside the top ten for the first time tonight hundred forty eight laps will be remaining in this one. Once they get back to the start finish line. And see the green flag from Andy aspect high atop the starter. Stand Kipp told us he's driving the pace car. He makes a hard left hand. Turn and gets that Toyota Camry behind the wall. Here we go a Camry from the inside lane gets away. A big jump for Morton to X junior. His gonna leave a couple of Ford Mustangs to Duke it out for the second spot. He will leave Joey llegado of that second position to battle with his teammate. Brad kozlowski. Here's Kozlovsky to the bottom of the racetrack. He'll grab position number two. Llegado falls too. Foyer is fourth and look out. Here comes Bush these fifth right behind them. They stack up two by two by two. You got Kevin Harvick under attack from Austin Dillon. Kurt Busch his there. Meanwhile, back up front Bala per second teammates going at it off to Kazlauskas has the spot. Joey Lagaan.

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