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I think so i think that's right and then like egret can be like a further resource of like yeah this is what they're going to do this is how they work but instead know john let's let's ago be on john side by the i mean basically had to get through the battle at the wall and then once that happens then you know the all of the wild wings on the same page with john yeah yeah so that's a bummer because i like grit i think whereas leslie is great seems like things have worked for those guys regardless yeah okay well john snow has a part to play in his whole thing and egret was not part of that so sad news for egret but jon snow has other fish to fry other fish to fry speaking of which speaking of fish walder fray is now in charge of river run he's really gloating here about the red wedding we get told this story about the rat cook and how the gods can never forgive such an atrocity of breaking the bread and salt rule in like letting people in your home and the betraying them so at that moment you would like to think that game of thrones is going to share in that sense of justice even though the show hasn't really done much at that point to convince you that what goes around comes around but now we know that what goes around comes around that walter frei and the red wedding will be responded to by the end of season six.

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