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To your phone calls momentarily. Got the ACC announcing which players will be at ACC media days, 9 quarterbacks in that conference, as I said yesterday on the show, I think it is one of the best collections of quarterbacks I've seen at the ACC in the ACC period full stop. Filled your COVID is going to be there for Boston college. Jordan Travis for Florida state, a good statement on where he's at on that team. Malik Cunningham, Tyler Van Dyke is a very good player for Miami. He's going to be there Devin Leary very underrated for NC state. Brennan Armstrong, of course, like the one man 500 yards of offense show for Virginia Sam Hartman, who's thrown like a bazillion touchdowns and started 4000 football games for wake forest, which is a record. He'll be there. And of course, Garrett Schrader for Syracuse is going to be there as well, a guy that's really athletic and fun to watch. So 9 quarterback's going to be there. The big 12. At their media days, the conference commissioner Brett your book, the brand new conference commissioner basically said, we are open for business. As it pertains to expansion. So taking all phone calls, if you've got a football team and you want to see if the big 12s interested, give the big 12 a call, give old Brett your mark a call and see if they're interested in see if they're interested in your product. Joining here. But 8 5 5 two four two. 7 two 8 5. Again, the playoff is lost in all this expansion conversation. Like we're still trying to compete for a championship here. And Alabama looks like the best football team. Georgia looks like the second best team with the best schedule setting up to be 12 and O in Atlanta. I think Ohio State's clearly the best team in the Big Ten. They get Michigan at home at the end of the year. And I have the best offense in America. I think those three are in. Barring some major upsets, which is obviously why we watch. But I think those three are in. The problem is figuring out the fourth team. It's the most difficult prediction I can remember since the playoff became a thing in 2014. I've only got a handful of teams that I would argue belong in that conversation. But you can make the case for a few different. Somebody made the case for Penn State. I'm not buying that. Somebody made the case for Clemson. I'm on board with that. I think Clemson has a very good chance. To get into the playoff. But they're going to have to be perfect in conference because they have to go to Notre-Dame in non conference. 855-242-7285 convinced me of who belongs in the playoff with the big three, Bama, Georgia, and Ohio State. Is this butler from Atlanta? Butler, welcome to the welcome to the Paul fine bomb show. How are you? Hey, hunter. How you doing? Hunter, sorry, I apologize. Yeah, no problem. Yeah, so I was just listening to the other radio and you were naming the 15 teams. You can consider taking that four spot. And you said, I heard Mississippi stayed. I heard a and M, or Tennessee, maybe Florida. I mean, I think it's hard to mention those teams. If you're not even going to mention old mess, I realize we just lost Matt corral, but lane kiffin's done and amazing job of turning the program over in these past couple of years. We got Jackson diet to replace him. We stole Zach Evans, the PCU, and I don't know if you've seen almost a schedule this year, but it is rather easy, starts out with four free wins that will help Jackson get acquainted. And then from there, it's just what did Wayne Kevin can really finalize the deal. I mean, I don't really see any big competitors, the final stretch, they go, a and M, Bama, Arkansas, and Mississippi. And obviously bam was going to be going to be a major challenge. But if any of Nick Saban's old assistant coaches can do the job, you know, I think lane kiffin be the one to do it. I appreciate the call, hunter. I think it is a major testament to the job lane kiffin has done. To look at last year's team with a historically epic productive quarterback in Matt corral, ten regular season wins, a record for olmes, to lose so much and to say they're going to be as good. And frankly, to be in a quote unquote, reloading, rebuilding year, whatever you want to call it for all this. And if they go 8 and four, I would call that a huge testament to the job that Lincoln has done. But I am not, I have all missed at like 6 place in the west. So I am not picking oldness to challenge for the playoffs. To be honest, I don't Florida is not in that group either. The only reason I said Tennessee or Kentucky is because they could finish second in the east. Again, I'm not picking any of those teams to go. 11 and one, but Kentucky won ten games last year. So let's not go. They haven't lost as much. They still have their quarterback. I think the west schedules are tougher too. So I don't think it's Arkansas Mississippi state LSU or old miss because they the schedules are too hard. A and M would be the pick. If you're trying to make a case for a second place team in the SEC to make the playoff, it would be Texas a and M but then you're asking Texas a and M not to do Texas a and M things. Which is to be perfect. In every other game, not named Alabama. And I don't know if I'll believe it when I see it. With Texas a and M I think they're ten and two. And I don't think that's good enough to get into the playoff. So I really don't think a third SEC team is in this conversation to be fair. I do think oldness is a really good program with lane kiffin and their schedule is real front loaded. They could go 7 and O and then own 5. It's real tough in November. So I still think I like Mississippi a lot. I think that's going to be a real dangerous football team. But their schedule is nasty. Nasty. 855-242-7285 ray from San Antonio ray, welcome to the show. How are you, sir? Hey brother, how you doing today? Doing well, man. Blessings to I am an Aggie class of 1980 and I'm a really try to not include any bias in this, but a and M to get over the top. It has taken step one by beating Alabama here at home, but they're really going to have to beat Alabama in the way big game. I think to really command the respect that Alabama already commands, I think that can happen. And if it does, I think a and M will supplant Alabama. Obviously, and I think that if they go take care of business, you just said it and I totally agree with you when the games that they need to win and win a big game or two, then I think they can be right there.

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