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Tweeted. Thank you for this episode. There are many commonalities to northeast. Calgary a kobe. Nineteen hotspot here. In alberta and sadly our premier has emphasized social gatherings as the problem big sigh and finally on facebook. Jenny put said this great episode. It really illuminated the many causes behind high covert rates in some communities and dispelled a lot of myths. Thanks to all of you for commenting on last week's show. That's our show this week. If you wish to comment email us at white coat at cbc dot ca. I'm on twitter at night shift. Md and the show is at cdc white coat also on facebook. If you wanna listen to our live or on demand anytime make sure you download the cbc. Listen app you can also get the shows a podcast at i tunes and elsewhere while you're there subscribe to the dose the show where we answer your most pressing health questions this week. I'm joined by steve. Jordan's a psychology professor at the university of toronto scarborough. He helps answer the question. How can i stay. Mentally and emotionally healthy as kobe. Disrupts the holidays. And if you're looking for more health news subscribe to cbs's weekly health. Newsletter second opinion go subscriptions dot cbc dot ca white coat. Black art was produced this week by senior producer. Donna dingwall with help from suggest. Berry jeff goods finish jahic and digital writer brandy waikele. Thanks to our sound engineer. Louder antonelli that's medicine from my side of the gurney. I'm brian goldman. We're in this together..

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