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Pal thank you so much for joining us today on dressed discuss your really amazing book. Fashion under fascism beyond the black shirt so before we delve into some of these fashioned aspects of our discussion today. I'm hoping that you might give some context for our listeners. About broadly speaking. what exactly is fascism. Thank you a bill for guy inviting me to this conversation. Delighted to be here with you So to responsive question. Fascism rules than ideology authoritarian ideology in movement. I started in italy in nineteen fifteen sold. The war was an important component. That had a great impact on the formation of this fast. She's at of combat. This was the beginning get Ninety nine teen. Mussolini was of course the head of fascism became the dude shape so he founded the national fascist party so started initially but then spread all over europe the end in the united states. Actually we need to remember that so it was a became. A talented now regime are despotic. Nationalism racism in realism These were kind of key words of back weekend. Del the enjoy the while we discuss the new multifaceted in complexity of fascism in order to contextualize this we need to understand. Also the situation in italy at the time because in the beginning of the twentieth century italy a went through great sons formations in terms of modernisation industrial puddles at the same time. A huge immigration The great period from second half of nineteen send in the beginning. Many talents came to the united states. Actually one of the countries of the immigration There was a lot of poverty in the south too big divide between north and south so the north was leading industrialized. Italy was a concentrated who's unified as a nation state only in eighteen sixty started the process of unification they went unrest from mma workers in union sir movement in the feminists the feminist movement. Also italy had a lot of this sub rallies political address strikes especially in the north industrialized a north. So then we also had the same time we think of nineteen o nine of the first manifesto of future is a full. We had that at the beginning of the twentieth century was quite amazing. In terms of contrast political undress

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