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Mick Cronin is essentially doubling his salary that he made at the university of Cincinnati to coach the Bearcats men's basketball program going to UCLA coach the Bruins men's basketball program, basically, double I wonder if his cost of living is going to be exponentially higher. I'm sure that was put into the equation when he made the decision, but you know, a pilot study pilots stucco in southern California. You know, maybe two three bedrooms cost you a couple of mill on the on the low side in a real nice house in Indian hill might cost you a million eight hundred thousand so always going to be a consideration of factor. Looking for your phone calls? The news today that Mick Cronin, leaving you see to go to UCLA five one three seven four nine seven thousand one eight hundred eight four three two four four one being patient on the line is Alex. And we go to him now. Gary Jeff in for Bill Cunningham, Alex, you're on the air. Doing fine, man. What's up? I'm happy, and I think UCLA gonna turn it around. I mean, he's a great cage. I've heard a lot of people criticizing it already. Like a good UCLA. It really, you know, like I said happiness for him at the same time. It's kind of like pessimistic affairs Bearcats are going to hurt. And I mean, I think they're going to have a really difficult time signed in good high-quality coach because of their conference. You know, what I mean like, I just don't think the American matches up, you know, pags. That's ACC basketball. Just does it certainly doesn't. But there are some excellent programs within the all American conference. And there are some excellent coaches within the all American conference mo- doesn't think that it's going to be that much of a non-starter especially for somebody who is looking to step up in many ways, you see is not it's not Kentucky. It's not Duke. It's not Michigan state, for example. But it is still an attractive. Program for an up and comer like John Brennan, do we mentioned it N KU or the head coach the head coach Murray state mic came from head coaching at Murray state to be on involve hugging staff. I mean and has done very well, obviously, right? Right. And that's I mean, I grew up watching hug as you know, what I mean fiery outbursts on the sideline acid, right? I wouldn't even somebody like that somebody read races. But I know it just makes me own easy because I knew people take it for granted. And you get a lot of criticism losing early. But people staying to realize how many straight hurt him as he takes us through nine three nine straight. And you people Alex people are short-sighted to just looking in the timeline of Mick Cronin's career at the university of Cincinnati has head basketball coach it's been a long time twenty twelve Mick Cronin. Did you know this is the only UC coach ever to lead the Bearcats to a win over a higher seed in the NCAA tournament. They were sixth-seeded. That year. And if heated third seeded, Florida state in two thousand twelve he's the only UC head coach to ever lead. They talk about let's lack of success in March. But he's the only one as a lower seed via a higher seed in the tournament. Right. Was crazy. Don't understand that. Talk about losing out of the second round that happens. Like, I think there's a big misconception with this. Because like I always think that the best team wins the current event. It's the most durable being you know, what I mean? 'cause like regular season, I feel like Duke or can talk better Virginia. You know, they're able to overcome and they were able to basically go on a six game winning streak. That's that's what it takes. It. It getting hot at the right time has a lot to do with the NCAA tournament. I appreciate your time Alex Christine with about a minute. Or so your your thoughts? Your comments Mick Cronin going to UCLA. I didn't think he'd go because of his daughter. Samantha. Surprise me that I mean, I heard that he was detested being looked after that job won't go. He won't go because of his daughter. So that I'm really surprised by that. I'm wondering why he's tied to you know, I don't know what's going to happen with that. Get out there to visit her dad. Well, I mean the thing is he's got the money to pay for plane ticket. I think. His daughter were pretty close. So right. Surprised light life changes? Sometimes not always for the better. But life changes will see how this life chains. Works out for Mick Cronin. And for UC as they searched for new head basketball coach, thank you very much. Go Bearcats report coming up, obviously, this is the topic of discussion today topic a as they like to say in the talk show business. Mick Cronin gun who's next? What's next sag is next with this report? Right after news, Gary Jeff Walker for Bill Cunningham today on seven hundred wwl w.

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