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About how the money is getting really bad reviews that actually though getting killed the amine hillary of the movie noted i mean the move now the tom cruise who fifty judge netti absolutely destroyed and they're now saying they think they think week to weekend to of wonderwoman woman will beat it at the box office ever now i was gonna say they will not going to but i i'm surprised philippe for the best ally to want to give these people blissett he's the kind of thing about the backlash about wonderwoman but to tom cruise very rarely makes a bomb yeah so this would be a very and how the other hand have many mummy movies dini they they moved very quick very slowly sure if it's a really the best of the monsters i guess the black lagoons ouattara he's gotta the up there i think from from the trailers i've seen for this movie the mummy moves pretty quickly in his one okay it's like the fast sambas now that we had an abortion no more sollozzo arbi's mummies exhibit right now at the museum natural history yeah look so my friend invited me to go and i have not done that woke towns more interesting than the movie based on the reviews i'm saying it's fesseha wellpreserved they are and how they bury them though these sorts of things they're lyneham in and you know you can get their dna reconstruct their faces it's crazy yeah that's insane well all right well let's talk about i guess but start with some serious up all i think joining us at the 630 will be a liberal commentator crisan so i'm sure he'll have some nice i want to talk about clinton number one that that mike rogers clip okay hang on i will play that right now in the three plus years that i have been the director of the national security agency to the best of my recollection i had never been directed to do anything i believed to be illegal immoral unethical or inappropriate and to the best of my recollection.

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