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You need to just touch ajay jay. I like you when they call you need justice jay. Those skip right. There was just from a song that i did. Check it out when it just podcast in. You can check it out on this last little piece about the give. Y'all on be radio. Yeah up eighty seven. Fm alanna four. One wire and i got the justice. J show on here too. We don't a little bit of revamping with some things which are just as such jay show so right now i'm just playing reruns but okay makes y'all yuck for the former one wire check that out top of the hour you'll kasim team segment out there because it's such a baby. Put it pieces for your. So let's we got a little thing about the hip hop culture was going on in the hip hop industry. Would you see recognize on my gosh. I got some new stuff company. Your to which yogis pieces. I get real down and dirty with it and finally some of this information. I got good information for you guys. Okay so it makes. Y'all slid to the next foam wire and it's going to be coming up. Sure of the that is just. It's such a j barrack that was just pieces for you is that you already owned by guys. I got a and satellite big. So y'all noted this papa. Podcast thursday all their wisdom and that knowledge. I'm spitting dialogue dropping aid on y'all literally telling you things about your life itself things about me and dead the with me again. I'm like god. Why do you keep heavy l. These people all of this wonderful knowledge. I say 'cause unusual put it out. The war baby shot okay. Gaza but he wanted me to you about emotions and feelings now had already got these kinds of this thing about this. These words had already can't see me about a week. Ago was all good about a week ago gates of you but it's like okay filling in a motion now always check myself so i said wait a minute. I'll put it in my feelings and my motion guessing. You pay your your to anybody else out the feelings and emotions. Sometimes like there's that you'd be going through right. We all go through. We'll get and feelings. We all have these emotions. We all have these stoltze all of this. Everybody out here because there is no temptation is not commun- me everybody does the same thing. Okay some of us can deal with some of those katie. Some people might give depression because feels emotions any allowed to go day. Sometimes you get happy because it feels that abortion and is you know some of your most forget. That ain't nothing about no depression. you know. You had the whole opposites type of thing. You know but what i'm going to talk to you about is sometimes by these films and he's emotions right day changes the way that we move in life right. Let me tell you why because these filled emotions a lot of times when we go through things you know especially if it's horrid on us is like the crushing okay so look listen to my van city shelton. Utd jason bishops. He deep shakes. I love bishop bishop. Dorota were forty something books bishop is doing his thing and shallow to me. Your girl for her co author the book deal. Yes so proud of myself is been a long time coming. Your oh my gosh. I'm just so hyper body so anyway. Tj talking about the crushing okay. So let me let me shot just some this thing start. Stink up real quick. So worker summing-up. I i love your pain ascension. Listen okay greece right. You know you gotta groups groups okay. Get the grapes. Were you wanna make one crush them right now. Grapes long they groups but when you crushing this process that they have to go through fermentation right firm. It's in it sits in ages and ina goes into right. Why less longer than the grapes. Okay get this so sometimes be going through stuff in life. Is that crushing there. Were going through and it puts us in our films. We got fills in emotions. You know because who wants to get crushed you i do. I want to get crushed. Any all out you get your question. Know.

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