Russia, Donald Trump, Congressman discussed on America's Morning News


Studies the largest ever done of breast cancer treatment and the results are expected to spare up to seventy thousand patients year in the us and many more elsewhere the just the ordeal and expense of the drugs plus the side effects later on it increases your risk for heart disease that kind of thing cancer care of course has been evolving away from chemotherapy and older drugs with harsh side effects in favor of gene targeting therapies hormone blockers and immune system treatments when chemo is used now it's sometimes for shorter periods or lower doses than it once was so that is a great news on that front well in arizona fourth professional found fatally shot in a three day spans been identified by detectives as a seventy two year old counselor and life coach however authorities having immediately linked his death to that of three others a police in scottsdale said sunday that marshall levin was found shot inside of an office building shortly after midnight saturday now on thursday dr steven pitt who assisted in the jon benet ramsey mystery in colorado was found dead near scottsdale and police said the killings friday of two paralegals were related to that pitch shooting but they were still trying to determine exactly what linked the three victims congressman devin nunez is responding to republican trae audis claimed that the fbi acted appropriately in launching investigation into potential ties between russia and the trump campaign galleries also dismissed president trump's spy gate claims a nunez says that's just what gowdy believes well what is really talking about there is that out he believes that he has been told multiple times by the department of justice that donald trump president trump is not a target of this investigation he believes that he's been told that multiple times and so he comes to the conclusion well if they were only going after russians at the fbi was only going after russians and donald trump's not a target of this investigation then what is all this about and so the mainstream media continues to ignore that piece that mr gowdy i think is clearly said now on multiple occasions but was very clear about it last week and that.

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