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Thousand it was alive. So I knew it was a lot at least double. But I didn't know. Wow. It's a huge thing. And you know, the idea of year, I know us working together is to go bigger. You know, let's not go smaller. Let's go big. Let's hope more you guys. Did it this year? We did help by getting all the back and forth, but double that's amazing. Yeah. It's it's quite a program. I'm talking right now to Scott hodgin. He's worked with marketing and public relations for two men and a truck here in Indianapolis. And of course, like we said two men and a truck is not just in Indianapolis. It's all over international. Now. That's fantastic. I didn't know that those trucks could swim. They can. But obviously, you have your own your own campaigns. The are also doing to help out the community, and there's a really special one that just kicked off. So tell us a little bit about that very proud. It's called movers for moms, and it goes to domestic violence shelters. One in four women still go through domestic violence with a lot about awareness. But a lot about getting community partners. Gather small diners like corneas kitchen in Noblesville strands hair design, getting salons involved, Jennifer, she's one of my sales team. She's getting basically half of mccord's Ville on board. And so we're still collecting donation partners. As we've got this program fired up at all finishes, the the Friday before mother's days of the ideas to give mothers in shelters, a really good mother's day. So I think this year is the tenth because the mother's day is on the twelfth. So we'll deliver all those items on that Friday. And one thing I've learned from touring all the shelters is, you know, the people get to grab one thing is usually the kids when they're in a threatening situation. So I always tell people, you know, jelly closed traveled sections type stuff small shampoos, and obviously kids closed because that is the one that you can grab and domination army shelter for women and children downtown is one of the shelters. We help the most every year sheltering wings is going to be involved from the west side this year as well as as well as many others beginning to tour, the Salvation Army shelter for women and children, downtown's amazing thing, and usually I bring a couple of staff members down there, and they love to kinda just, you know, awake. Everyone. No way reality is you know, outside of your bubble one. It's interesting. We it's it's always fun. When those items get dropped off. Because the ladies the staff know what it means. But for the ladies, they're not usually there for an entire year. So for them. It's the first time that they've seen this, and what's in those boxes. Oh, what's in those boxes? And we have a special area called the Sally shop that's upstairs on the shelter. And it's where donated items like that will go. If someone donates clothing or shoes things like that so women who like you said leave in the middle of the night, and all they have other children. So they can go and they can start rebuilding their wardrobe and their lives. These items mean so much to them. So for people who are listening right now. And they're thinking, yeah. I could I could donate something just run off a list. I know that you mentioned a couple of items. But if they're going to the store, what could they buy that? They could they could put in one of these donation boxes. I would say, you know, think the travel section. Small Arpad deodorant shampoos women's necessities, which covers a wide span of things things to make people comfortable. Aerob- slippers slippers are always popular. And speaking of the the smile women's phases. Yes. It's amazing. They they know that color purple in that Moore's for moms logo, come in means, lots of goodies. I can tell sometimes do their little overwhelmed. They're like oh by gosh. There's so much stuff coming in here. But I think that's part of the fun. Get the dig through it. And be like, wow, what's this? Well, and movers for moms that program like you said it goes all the way until the Friday before mother's day. So we have we have lots of time. But if you're listening right now when you're interested in becoming a donation location or.

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