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Luthor. One hour. Bring Christ to the nations and the nations to the church. Thank you for your faithful support. Learned Maura at Lutheran, Our daughter Warg. Now here's our speaker, Dr Michael Zigler. Robert handed me a stack of papers. Five pages neatly stapled together. Robert had Diligently studied the Bible. And carefully recorded all the contradictions that he had found there. The Bible's full of contradictions. He told me. Here's a list What was special about Robert's list whose head it was so long? Five pages. Single spaced times. New Roman 10 Point font. There were the standard ones. Like The Bible says that God never grows weary. But then it says that God rested On the seventh day after creation, the first Sabbath Day or All of the different changes in the rules and laws from the old Testament to the New Testament and then There were some really obscure ones. I mean down in the weeds. For example, how in Mark Chapter two verse 26. It says that the high priest was ah by afar. When David ate the bread. But in first Samuel chapter 21 it says that Ah, him elect was the priest. Here's what I've learned about these so called Bible contradictions. There's usually a backstory. And if you're open to hearing it You may encounter what the Bible is all about. Let's try this out with the so called Baya Thara him elect contradiction, The one that I just mentioned, and what makes this so interesting is that it comes straight from the mouth of Jesus. It's recorded in Mark, Chapter two, and Jesus is in an argument with the Farris ease. Farris Seas were the self appointed authorities on God and the Bible. And of all the reasons that they had to dislike Jesus. The thing that really set them off was how he came off as contradicting the Bible. For example. Affairs. He's knew that God had commanded that there be no work on the Sabbath day, but here Jesus was letting his disciples work on the Sabbath Day. They were plucking heads of grain for a snack as they were walking through the grain field. Now that is a little nit picky on the Ferris. He's part. Oh, consider that work, but from their perspective, it was a clear contradiction of God's law. Why are you letting them do this on the Sabbath? And Jesus. Instead of directly answering them references this obscure passage from the life of David, and what's really interesting is that apparently Jesus gets the name of the high priest wrong. Because the guy abaya Thor, But if you go and look it up in first Samuel chapter 21 right there in black and white, it's ah, him a lack And apparently the Farris. He's don't even catch this because they don't call him out on it. Perhaps they're so busy looking for other contradictions that they didn't even bother to check the back story. Okay, so listen to the context behind this so called Bias are him. Elect Contradiction recorded in the Gospel of Mark Chapter two. All started verse 13. Once again, Jesus went out beside the Sea of Galilee. And all the crowd. Began to come to him and he began to teach them. As he was going by. He saw Levi, the son of al Fia's sitting at the toll booth. The place where he was collecting taxes. And he says to him Follow me. He got up and followed him. And it happens. That he is relaxing in his house in Levi's house, and there are many tax collectors and sinners. Reclining at the table with Jesus and his disciples. You know there were many and they were actually following him. And the scribes of the Farris sees when they saw that he was eating with Sinners and tax collectors. He started saying to his disciples he's eating with tax collectors and sinners. And Jesus when he heard it says to them. It is not those who are strong who need a doctor. But those who are sick. Did not come to call righteous people. Sinful ones. Now John's disciples and the disciples of the Farris seas were fasting. And they come and they say that Jesus Why do John's disciples and the disciples of the Ferris he's fast, but your disciples do not fast and Jesus said to them. Wedding. Guests are not able to fast while the bride groom is with them, are they As long as the groom is with him, they cannot fast. But the day's air coming when the bride room will be taken from them. And then they will fast in that day. No one saw was a patch of new unstrung cloth on an old outer garment. If he does, the patch shrinks pulls away the new from the old so that the worst terror is made. No one pours new wine in tow. Old wine skins he does the wine will First the skins. So that the wine is lost along with the skins. But new wine Is for new wine skins. And it happened one Sabbath, He was walking through the grain fields. And his disciples as they were making their way began to pluck. Heads of grain. And the Pharisees say to him. Look Why are they doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath? And Jesus says to them. Have you never read what David did. When there was a need and he was hungry. He and those who are with him. How he went into the House of God. In the account of a bias are the high priest. And he ate the bread of the presence. Which is not lawful for anyone to eat except for the priests. He gave it to those who are with him. And he continued saying to them.

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