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Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thanks for being with us this morning congressman from North Texas says he wants the trump administration to give this area more help in testing people for covert nineteen saying they are you need to plan to re open the economy not just a date K. R. L. these Allen's Geyer is covering that story for us this morning he joins us now live Alan a Democrat Collin Allred join Dallas County judge clay Jenkins in an infectious disease specialist at UT southwestern for a town hall yesterday U. T. southwestern Julie Trivedi says they've seen even with more new cases a decreasing hospitalizations from covert nineteen but she says warmer weather could lead to more large gatherings outdoors so she said it's important for people to keep following those social guidelines the past week or so had shown a decline in the number of patients required hospitalization however as we have seen in record numbers first new cases being reported over the weekend Disney begins chain all right the congressman and Jenkins they say the area needs more testing capability they say they're they're starting mobile testing site to go to nursing homes the jail other places where we've seen clusters of cases all right says he's been in touch with FEMA and the federal health department to get more funding to test is saying they need to identify where cove nineteen this spring the fastest instead of just laying out a date to reopen the economy reporting live Alan sky news radio ten eighty KRLD thank you Allen eight thirty two now planes may be near empty but the flights still need a full crew all these L. P. Phillips reports the flight attendants say they're not being protected from the corona virus like they should there are roughly eighteen thousand flight attendants staffing the flights that American Airlines still has going and even if there are only a handful of passengers on some planes all it takes is one with the corona virus to put the whole crew in jeopardy you haven't had the access to the proper protective affected the quick meant that we should have had a long time ago that it's starting to glow in albeit slowly you have concerns with the quality of the aircraft cleaning not just overnight but in between flights as well still hard sun of the union that represents the attendant says some of the flights are near capacity because they are combined with a canceled flight he says social distancing on those planes is a challenge LP Phillips news radio ten eighty KRLD in a statement American said it has expanded cleaning procedures and is doing so more frequently while encouraging employees to wear masks and gloves if they have them the airline says it's been having a hard time getting those supplies changes coming for users of the Katy trail in Dallas the city of Dallas says that it is working to ease congestion on the Katy trail so it's creating alphabetical guidelines starting this Thursday people will be able to use the trail according to their last names if your last name begins with a through L. you can use the Katy trail on Thursdays and Saturdays if your last name begins with M. through Z. you're asked to use it on Friday and Sunday that everybody has access Monday Tuesday and Wednesday Dallas mayor Eric Johnson says he understands people need to get outside but he says they can't allow the Katy trail to become a health hazard at governor rabbit by the weight holding another briefing and news conference at two o'clock this afternoon eleven update on re opening business in Texas again that's two o'clock this afternoon and we will have that for you live right here on KRLD KRLD news time five thirty four CBS news update president trump says he'll protect jobs as businesses reopen during the pandemic by sealing U. S. borders immigration lawyer Luis Cortes Romero the specifics on it to be very important who's going to be restricted several houses in the district several states are restarting their economies Mason Peterson says she'll keep social distancing in place at her shoe store in Greenville South South Carolina taking those precautions are being sanitary and health is definitely one of my main concerns for us and our customers the new coronavirus hot spot the Marion correctional institution in Ohio nearly two thousand inmates in over one hundred fifty staffers have tested positive WBNS TV easily see Chris knew how department of rehabilitation and corrections sent a statement attributed the spike to mass testing because we are testing everyone including those who are not showing symptoms we are getting positive test results on individuals who otherwise would never have been tested because they were a symptomatic CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez it is five thirty five a K. R. L. the price of oil yesterday man it went below the bottom of the barrel what does that mean for Texas that's coming up after traffic and weather together on the aids coming up aces the helpful hardware folks.

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