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It was terrible. But a lot of fun So we still playing. It's kind of like land party. We're still doing it. We're still playing the games. All right. We're GONNA have some final conversations with my very precious guests this week. It's so nice to have Kevin and Patrick Robert. Back on fifteen years later. Normally we'd have cupcakes. We'd have balloons. We decided to forego all of that In the during the current crisis we've donated As a result we've taken the money we've spent on that a little bit more. We've done it into local. Cova to charity so noble cupcakes. Yeah Yeah you can have them on your own in your own time We haven't talked. This has been a cove free show. We're going to keep it. It's I don't want but but everybody's you know sheltering in place wherever you are in Colorado and the bay area and Oregon Kevin has it been difficult for you or is it. It sounds like you. Guys have a kind of cosy lifestyle. Anyway these days I mean the only thing that's challenging is You know two kids two and one that We just have to handle all the time round the clock then rights there's interruptions with work and you're doing zoom calls on the two year old wants to hang out with dad and I could see no. It's just a little different than the norm but at the end of the day. It's like a I think the thing that is hardest for me is my eighty year old mom who lives not too far away from me and it's like you know. I do go shopping. I do things like that so when I go to her house. I'm extra paranoid. Because yeah cheers. She already has lung issues in. It's just like I'm I'm freaked out about that so there's as I'm sure we all have something similar rides. Somebody in our lives that his immune compromised. Or something's going on and you just your extra careful and it's the best you can do. Yeah my mom's eighty seven and she's alone My sister lives nearby a couple of blocks away but no nobody comes in the house. It's not safe right and now people Of course elders are often isolated. Anyway but I really think about people who are alone right now and how difficult that must be we you and I were lucky enough to be with our families and and that's good and I do zoom calls with my kids because Abbey's Marin and Henry's I dunno where Henry as he wasn't San Francisco I think now I don't know he's got somewhere he's he sheltering in place with his good buddy. I think he's in Monterey Civic Rove but but I do zoom calls together but Yeah it's it can be really hard for older people I think especially because they're so high risk of that they just can't see anybody. Patrick I it sounds like you're maybe a very small quarters with your family. Yeah you know it's it's you know being in. I mean Gosh being in you know three or four hundred five hundred square feet to adults to children and a Husky is is always an exciting process. Husky in there too well half Husky half shepherd wow but you know Yeah we throw in an extra husky or a couple of cats really make things exciting but It's it's kind of been fun I think a funds are the right word. It's been fun talking to friends of ours. Who are home-schooling or home with their kids? And you know it's it's I laugh because one of my friends just like. How did you home school? Your kids I would. Do you know it's just like breathe?.

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