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Host and today. I am with Whitney Ebert. And Whitney is a schoolteacher. Here third grade third grade but she also is one of the inventors of the Blimey box her and her husband. So I'll how put some information on that on the website but in a nutshell the blimey box is really cool thing for kindergarten through. Maybe third graders and it's kind of like if you imagine the escape room but in a box for the kids it'll keep them busy at dinner. So that was kind of how I met Whitney and I just I thought it was so amazing what she created. So welcome Whitney. Hi thanks for helping us today. We're GONNA talk about coastal Carlsbad and we're GonNa talk about the area Well we're also GONNA talk about kids and things to do with kids because I know that there's so many people that go to legal land and then after legal and they're like okay. Where can we go? What else is can we do? And you know something that appeals to appearance as well as the kids yes exactly let's start talking about Carlsbad and Coastal Carlsbad. If you had to describe it it in three phrases or three words what would you say well in kind of the area of Carlsbad that we're talking about today I would definitely say it's cheeks right along the coast very casual law and family friendly. What would you say about transportation? Like how bad is perking on the coast. And what would you do for transportation. Well it depends on what time of year you're here if it's in the summer. Parking is atrocious. And it's really bad especially downtown in the village where there's all the shops in by the beach is is parking is really bad so I would recommend either bring getting here super early in the morning or what's really cool is we do have a train station right downtown. Carlsbad in the village And that's awesome so if you're staying somewhere coastal are coming in from la or downtown San Diego. It's just just an easy stop right on the train in the summer. Parking's bad but the rest of the year parking's pretty good shopping shopping. Well we have a few miles in Carlsbad. We have the outlet mall which is pretty popular with some good stories. We have the shops at Carlsbad. which is a mall? That's kind of a work in progress. Progressive Does have a movie theater which is really Nice in new riegel movie theater and a lot of restaurants but they're still working on getting more stores in there but it's in easy place to take kids because it's never crowded ever so you can always go there as far as the outlet mall. I like about that is. It's right there by legal land right by legal and yes and it's ripped out a flower fields and the flower fields are fun to put on the outlet malls or right there. Lots of good stores. They're fun shopping. And there's one more hint if you ever are here during Fourth of July if you stand right above the flower fields like right on that street that goes to Legoland yes the best place to so watch fireworks you get like maybe ten or twelve different fireworks that you can see you can go. You can see all the way down to point Loma and all the way up until like maybe even past castaways inside you get such an incredible display. That's awesome. What do you think about hiking in parks? I think he'd you guys do a lot of hiking. Do we love to hike around here and there's some really nice easy hike so that even the kids can can hike themselves. We have a dog so we like to look for dog friendly hiking. Oh we'll go down to a bad keates lagoon which is a little bit farther South Carlsbad and it's really easy. I mean even my two year old can walk on these little paths author really flat. It just really pretty down there. They have a little nature reserve and they have a right along a golf course and so you can see Vr Golf. Of course it's really pretty and then we also go over to calibrate hills and it's a little bit more hilly. There are some like a water thing. They're like little man-made Lake or something but it's not as pretty there but it's at least a little bit more heike and my son who's six. He can hike that really easily and my daughter can do part of it but then I have to put her on my back for for part of it as well both of them you can take dogs on leashes so it's really nice. You also told me earlier about Hidden Canyon and I've never been there and you even the locals don't know Oh yeah. So Hidden Canyon is just a little. It's just a little park and playground it's off of Carlsbad village alleged drive and it's east of Alchemy Arou- just a little bit east of El Camino and you go down this little area and it's this little park down there and it's kind of tucked away. It's really nice. A great play structure lots of grass and it is kind of hidden in an especially with young kids. It's like one of those parks where it just feels all kind of tucked away and and closed it in so that it's just a great place to you could just let the kids run around and play. It's awesome one of the things I really love about. Carl's better all these little hidden museum. They're not the huge museums like in Balboa Park but their museums that I swear most of my neighbors don't even know exist. Do you have any of your favorites. If you're yes yes we do. My son is in love with the Museum of making music and he absolutely loves going to that museum and it's really great because he can really interactive for him. He can push lots of buttons here. About how all these different instruments throughout history made noise and what kind of music they make back and it takes him through the history of music and instruments and then at the end. There's like this grey area that super interactive and he compla- lots of different instruments. They have get guitar and drums all sorts of different things that he can be hands on with and he'll spend thirty. He minutes just playing all these different instruments and interacting with them and so he absolutely loves going there so we try to take him like we go there at least six times a year. Because it's one of his favorites and it's right by legal and it's like right in our backyard so it's nice that that it's so close we don't have to be going down to Belo Park all the time and we can just go to some great museums ray here when when my kids were little. We did the same and we couldn't get the kids out of there because you know they'd spend thirty minutes is playing guitar thirty minutes playing drums and then there would be the next instrument and it was nice because they didn't kick you out and it wasn't that dizzy. No yes it's always pretty calm and quiet in there and it's right right next to legal land yes and the gift shop is really cool to get her son. Always get something. There's a tour that I know. Both of us have been dying to take their kids to and ourselves and one day. We'll get to it to of chocolate as I have some friends that have done the tour. We're and they said it's awesome and so. Let's definitely on our checklist. Like we want to go visit there and so twenty years ago. Were there about right. Before Michael all started to our chocolate I met him. He's really an amazing chef as well as a as doing chocolates and he said I want and back then he was an events need us. I want to be known for the chocolate. And the surfing. And so now he's officially in Carlsbad and gives these really amazing tourists and that's somewhat somewhat recent because twenty years ago fifteen years ago. They didn't do that. Yeah no I mean because we see as chocolate the chocolate everywhere and it's so good so I'm just like oh I can't believe it's right in our neighborhood that we can go visit and taste it slam excited and two hours felt C. H. U. A.. And that's for plantation that's in Venezuela this way love and we've got to talk more about the beaches in the lagoon. So what would you like to talk. Shows love that we have we do have amazing beaches in Carlsbad. I'm a little bit biased. But I think I mean we just have amazing beaches. Because they're big and there's lots of and and they're you don't feel cramped. I know some of the beaches down in Southern and farther down south in San Diego a little bit tight and cramped we have some really great beaches in Carlsbad. We also have one of our favorite little places is. There's a lagoon that we go to and we really to this ligament because with my daughter who's two sometimes the waves the regular beaches can be a little bit big and and so at the lagoon. It's a say never pronounce it right. AGUA AGUA ahead. Yoda yes Agua lagoon. They have there's this little beach and and it's with sand. It's dog friendly. which is awesome for us? You can bring your dog on a leash and you can just set up at the beach and it's all sandy. There's no waves and the kids. You can just kind of play in the sand they can. You know splash in the water. There's no swimming but my kids. Don't they just go and get to their knees and build sand castles and play around and they absolutely love it. So it's one of our favorite little beaches to go to and it's tucked away and I grew up in Carlsbad and I didn't even know about this until I was an adult did you. You told me that you guys do jet skiing pedal or somebody knows their new paddle boarding but we bring our own. We bring our own paddleboard. So it's different. There's another place that's a little bit farther. Are there west on the lagoon that I think you can rent things to go but we bring our own and we can launch from this beach and it's right at the end of a street called bayshore drive and it's just just you go down park and there's bayshore drive and it takes you down to this little coldest AC and you can drop off your staff and then you just walk right down to the beach each and it's very it's just a gem. We go there with our friends a lot. I never knew about that. Oh that's I grew up here and I never even knew it existed and now we go. It's one of our number one beaches here so I want to explain a little bit about the lagoons because I think it can be confusing because there's two lagoons yes. Do you want to explain it since you've been in Carlsbad and you're on the coast more so the league in that we were just talking about that. Heavy owned Agua lagoon. That's more than North North Carlsbad..

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