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Schedules are full because they're meeting with all the and our guys who are afraid of losing their job tomorrow you know so there was a transition that happened during that you did. Such a great job of tying that in segue. This is perfect. Because this is all i care about for this episode you are look. I said it in the intro. I'll say it again. You are the sync. Licensing master sense a guru fucking industry. Yes you are no now. I'm officially giving you the msg title for sync licensing msg master sensei guru. That's it dubbed. Michael elsner okay. I'm basically you're basically calling me like like the cobra kai you're the ultimate of the ultimate. Yoda yes maybe. I should be or less than mr mia regi instead of increase from. Whatever you prefer. That's whatever title you prefer you get. So here's the deal. Ladies and gentlemen. Look i've always admired michael's propensity for this and he and he's still says i just kind of did it and i did. It happened naturally. You know bubba and yes you are right. Your career took the natural trajectory that it took just like mine took a different one but in the similar fashion. But here's what i admired about you. You took time to put your head down and study and you kept studying. You figured out how the side of the industry worked and then not only. Did you succeed. In that side of the industry you bountifully succeeded. You've mastered that side of the industry. Now you have to understand michael. The reason why it's so important to a lot of people who haven't done it is because it's impressive number one because you were successful in that you earned a living and a good living at doing what you love and what you're passionate about. You took the music that you created that you composed that you wrote and you licensed it and kept doing it successfully for many years. This is what a lot of musicians want to know. How the heck you do it. Explain your the whole how you got into music licensing and how you mastered it and now everything that you're offering so i learned early in my career as a guitar player that i was able to reach certain levels a lot quicker if i put together systems to get there and what i mean by that. Is you know. I had friends who are also playing guitar. Who you know they were just sit around and play and and they would really knock it. They wouldn't really get better. They would just get you know. I mean they really get to the next level very quickly and i learned that if i actually said sorry. I call that musical masturbation. Yeah right and i learned that for me. If i actually spent like a half hour. Very focused on accomplishing some specific task. I could. I could get it done. And i would actually develop skills much quicker and so that was something that i learned that just works for me in a lotta different ways so for me. I work really well. When i'm able to figure out a system.

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