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You can actually get. You can buy other legal. So i did nothing illegal. I don't think so. Oh that's bombs me out. I really was trying to like like try to do something i know. That's you gotta. There might be illegal versions of them. I don't know but you can. They definitely. I don't know a whole lot about it but i think it's like micro dosed that's what they that's what he said and then he tried to get more hours like fuck. No i was spying anyway. You feel like a dance party. I would say i like it way better than marijuana really. Yeah did it was it. Was it quick to have an effect for me. Because i've never done it. Yeah like are we talking like seconds or minutes or hours. Don't know. I mean you have to eat it has to get into your system so probably Yeah depending on how much food you and we didn't eat 'cause we had to come here. Do i found the best. Dive are on the planet. By the way where's it near your house it is. I'm going to show it to lend. Can we go out next week. And they have kariuki and they have live. I don't either. But i'm gonna And they have live music. I'm the worst thing. I just want to do it. You're gonna do it you know we're gonna do. We're gonna see ebony and.

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