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You on the fan today and asking you how you're feeling, you know, not in just the most general sense, though. If you want to let me know how you're feeling about any issue, that's fine. You could do so 877337 66 66 But I mean, considering what we've been in the midst of unprecedented circumstances for months now where we saw those sports, and now we are still in the midst of unprecedented circumstances, but we are seeing activity. When it comes to sports. The MBA is at the bubble in Orlando. LeBron James is fully activated now Major League baseball getting ready to play a week before that the Yankees and Mets, you know in the news now inter squad Performances. Aroldis Chapman has a positive covert test for the Yankees. Unfortunately, he'll be out Aaron judge dealing with Ah neck issue, but it seems to be minor. For the Mets. You don't assess Pittis, saying he's ready for opening day and then both teams from what I've heard are pretty excited to play and in what will be you know a season that will be different because it will be vastly shorter. The normal, which will make the regular season games. Mohr important as important as many of you guys probably treat them in a normal season. So how are you feeling excited? Are you anxious? Nervous? A mixture of all those things. 877337 66 66. Let's go to Richard in Manhattan. Richard your own with Robin Lundberg here on the fan. What's up, Robin? Before I get to LeBron James Chapman He spent so much time poking up his body showing you his muscles showing you all this stuff that he didn't you know, it's working out. Look what happened to get sick. Wait. What are you trying to say? There's some sort of connection between him Ironic, OK, look at me. I got you all right side now, LeBron James, If this guy pulls this off wins the championship This will be his greatest feat ever, probably the greatest feat ever in the N B a history. There's a guy What is he? 30 for 35 years old. He had every reason every reason not to do what it takes. Get back in championship form. He's 10 12 years old in a most kids he's playing against, and if he takes this team, he's missing a couple of guys and if he takes the steam and wins the championship This will be bigger than anything. Michael Jordan evidence bigger than me bigger, bigger than anything. Bill Russell etiquette with the obstacles facing that to me to maintain his age. Ages cannot fight back Father time as well. The older you get and you in car and you encounter these kind of difficulty, especially something like this health issues. I mean, he's affected more than the younger kids. So just think of it. This is all set up for LeBron Joe. I mean, if we play and if everyone games go to fruition, and everything goes fully played, it will be an unbelievable accomplishment that LeBron James, it'll be unquestionable greatest thing He's ever done anyone the greatest things I've ever seen in sports. You know you're preaching to the choir a little bit there. Richard And I appreciate the call. As always, man. Look, I think whoever wins the championship in the N B A. It will be a special championship. I kind of scoffed at the idea of the Asterix because We never seen unlike this. These guys going to be locked in, you know, on the court, that is they are stuck in the bubble. They you know, had to stop play for months and months and months, and then they're going to go and get it. And so you know, if quite letter wins, it would be a big deal for him. If Yannis wins, it would be a big deal for him if Harden and the Rockets somehow when it would be a big deal for him, Westbrook D'Antoni, You know there's a There's a lot of teams. It would be a big deal for but you're correct. Historically speaking. For no one. Is it a bigger deal than LeBron James? And that was the case before all this went down. That was the case before all this went down, but you know, since he went to the Lakers He got hurt and people you know a lot of people sort of Wrote them off a little bit, or at least he used the few people that were as motivation to create this wash King narrative, and he came into the season doing something that nobody's done. In year 17. Playing at a level that is just basically defies. Explanation, and then it all gets stopped. And and, of course, the MBA can be dealt with a lot before all this went down this year, with with the tragic loss of the late great Kobe Bryant. Um, but the four month breaking and then go back out there and compete in a sense where everybody's going to be focused in In the many ways the MBA is what lead as the first domino to fall for the rest of things shutting down And so therefore, when they return there, there's a little bit of a connection there and then obviously least when it comes to American sports, LeBron's the biggest star in the world. And you know if he goes out and wins this year You. You factor in all the various Ramifications of that. You know he would have done it in years. 17. He would have done it. At 35 years old. He would have done it with his third team. He'd be the only superstar in history to have won a championship with three different franchises. He would have done it and brought the Lakers back to glory. He would have done it right after the last dance when everybody was, you know. Reliving the legacy of Michael Jordan, and he would have done it in this bubble situation. That no one else has had to face. No one else you know, may ever have to face it. So you look back on it. Yeah. If LeBron wins this, Yeah. I mean, you also have two of the most significant titles in history. The 31 come back, of course. By the cab's over the Golden State Warriors in 2016. And now this year, I'm somebody who already believes that LeBron James is the best player who ever lived. But if he gets this title That's going to open the floodgates on that conversation again, and they're going to be a lot of people saying yes, this is that final benchmark that he cleared that nobody else really has ever had to deal with that. That puts him over the top. 877337 66 66 877337 66 66 Let's go to Steve in Manhattan. Steve, You're up next. Here on the fan with Robin Lundberg, What's going on, Steve? Hold on there. Little authorities down Chambered street love to hear the Robin goat. Roger. First of all, we all want to notice. We're talking best book and your boy and he don't get it. Junk yet Well, his dad could never dunk, so obviously he's not gonna be able to dunk. Are you couldn't dunk? You never had that feeling that Duncan never never had not on a 10 foot who did I ever done? I played a lot of basketball my life and it had some good games, but never never were. They culminated or started or anywhere in between with a dunk. Ride. The village is an awesome feeling when you don't pull on a rebound, you know you've done that in my younger days in my younger days, definitely, but the thing is, But if you practice jumping and you practice dunking, ifyou're a short a guy can do it, But you gotta practice at it. I don't know. I mean, for sometimes they're just physical limitations. I mean, I cannot jump that high, but that's okay. Right? Okay, admitting that And I've seen told guys who couldn't dunk because they couldn't control the basketball. But they were getting too Ah, basketball. All the stuff going on baseball. I'm gonna lump us all together. I think the virus is going to be here. But with these ballplayers you got remember Their group is out there. He's a young dudes. You see the young guys out there when they were just hanging out. They don't respect this. The spacing the man's concisely, a lot of people. Some people do. Some people don't a lot of young guys don't And these guys, the young guys a lot of money. I don't care if they're in a bubble there out of the bubble. The virus is going to be there and young guys, They're going to be young guys, and we're going to see guys going down. That's the bottom line. I'm not going to fool anybody with this. Well, Steve and appreciate the comment. Of course, people are going toe get it right like that's what I mean. It's not even Ah, question. It's a fact it's it's happening. Yesterday, we learned about Chapman for the Yankees. So for talking baseball, I do worry a little bit about baseball in the sense of the traveling that they're going to be doing and keeping it contained. Luckily for baseball, it is much more of a It's a non contact sport, right? It's a non contact sport..

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