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And the Delaplane exit 23 you're staying right to to get by you will get a brake check at the scene married to pump a WTOP traffic now to seven news first alert meteorologist Jordan Evans a warm and muggy start to the day it's cloudy out right there now sunshine and we did have some patchy fog that has since gone away now temperatures temperatures are climbing I expect to hit the low 90s before the storms arrive this afternoon so with the humidity expected to feel like 95 to even 97 in a few spots before the rain gets here too once the rain arrives those temperatures drop pretty quickly with rain -cooled air but that also means we have to talk about heavy rain some high winds some lightning and there's a chance for some small hail and a very low tornado threat it is it's never zero but it's very low for today tonight temperatures staying mild in the 70s then we do it again tomorrow with a couple of extra ingredients in play for storms tomorrow that could actually increase the tornado threat just a little bit but overall it's still low for Monday afternoon by the 4th we're drying out still hot humid temperatures staying in the 90s feeling like the middle to upper 90s looks like we're staying dry through Thursday maybe Friday as well but then another round of showers and storms heading into next weekend right now at 78 arlington good morning leesburg 76 degrees tyson zero 77 german town 77 2 and woodbridge 78 thanks so much jordan the the forecast brought to you by len the plumber just at same day service seven days a week coming up on wtop flying cars available for pre -order well whether george jetson would approve that's up in the air it's

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