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Trust me. Somebody will say it to you. At least once over the next few days. It might be me. It's time for New Jersey. Fast traffic. So Bob, we've got an issue right now. In Mama's Beach on Route 36 locally known his Ocean Avenue, they've got the roadway shutdown and detoured in both directions right by Valentine Street for a down traffic signal. And Ocean Avenue. Still a little bit slow in sea bright both ways by the sea. Bright bridge. Looks like 36 is getting better coming out of the Hazlett Keyport area back out to the parkway at 1 17 We're just seeing some slight blaze right now. Parkway looks pretty good. If you're heading home from the shore tonight, we've got no north penalties from Ocean and Mama's County back up to the tolls in union. Self fence out of the park way just a little bit slow in Woodbridge approaching 1 32 They've got an accident being tended to and it looks like that crash in Ramsey on Route 17 cleared away, it was north bound by Lake Street. You've still got a couple slow spots on the South bound side of 17. You've got a couple of shutdown for construction coming out of the Ridgewood area that's from Saddle River Road back to Route 46. And south of route for were still a little bit slow in Rochelle Park, heading back down to 80 but it looks like that's getting better. Good to go across the Hudson Tonight I've seen notably is leaving New Jersey. Delaware crossings also move well. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next reported 10 33. From the Plymouth Rock Traffic desk. I'm Jeff from on New Jersey one, a 1.5 and speaking of Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock brings you this traffic report. Lim Rock Assurance this summer with weekend Beach and get away traffic on the rise. Plymouth Rock Insurance wants you to get home safe. Stay focused, cool and get there safely. You can save over $581 on your car insurance.

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