Donny Kwok, Gaza, Faulk discussed on Ringer FC - Will Tottenham Ever Win Another Game at Home? (Ep. 3)


If you're not doing either of those things that if you're not getting on the ball on your eye complaining passes and midfielder you're kind of it's just not clear what you're actually doing um he did kind of you know if you look at sort of go back and look at where he's getting on the ball he was sort of all over the field to just in random spots and he gave away the free kick the led the tottenham goal um the way i would describe it is shouldn't write him off yet obviously but yeah he's an adjustment none of the question i mean it was probably the toughest situation he could have been put into for his first game definitely um but all all of the questions we had i think are still there we are about to bring in donny kwok to talk about arsenal in some awards from the weekend but first we're gonna take a quick break this in gaza before we go wanted to tell you about the ring nfl show season is fast approaching get prepared with our nfl network's michael lombardi robert maze and kevin clark as well as guests from the league in beyond they'll be covering every snap every down every place he don't miss out on the action so subscribe to listen to the ring or nfl show available on apple podcast stitcher spotify or wherever you get your podcasts now we'd like to welcome ringer east coast bureau chief bald yours spawned in and whatever title you've added this mika patani faulk what's up donny hardman confound at harare so we're gonna get into some awards from the weekend zonal question marks as we're calling them uh.

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