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It's a live performance of spiral cities from Johnny marr here on the world. Cafe the new album is call the comet Johnny congrats on the album face. It's great it hits a perfect sweet spot for me. You've made a lovely rock and roll record of. Thanks. Yeah. That sounds that's nice to hear. Yeah. I think yet, you know, those words rock rock and roll record. They also have ring true to me. You know, I think when it was off with remaking Oz occurred to me that. Yeah, I'm making a rock record puts glad that's you know, that still can be so things a rut record. But that's. Ruck those good things, you know. And it kind of always Sal most forgotten it. But as I say halfway through the records like, yeah. Yeah. This is route record, you know, that doesn't mean that it has to have so classic rock associations or anything. I'm hoping I can make modern rock music, and is still kind of believe that. That you can make modern wrote music. In other words, what I'm trying to say. Yeah, we're here with Johnny marr talking all things called the comet that's the name of his new album Ahearn world cafe you stepped up into the front man role in your solo career not counting. Obviously the two thousand three solo record. But your last three twenty thirteen's the messenger play land now on this record the singing on this album is so strong. I really enjoyed it. And it's it's an Evelyn over the course of the three records. I mean, it's it sounds very different. I hope this isn't too to forward of question. But I was gonna ask how did you get to this point where vocally you sound? So at ease and comfortable things wasn't photo Question Nos. Evolutions good word for it really thing. You know, if you want and do hundred gigs tons of shows definitely going to affect you know, you just going to get better at it. And a thing also. The first twelve them's the messenger. Playland I was really kind of at a real. Done agenda to to write melodies that were avoided any kind of e aspect to it. Because I think there's plenty of people out there doing, and there's a lot of people who are going out. Of the last ten years with Cousteau guitar singing, very, earnest, and heartfelt a genuine, you know, sincere wide ranging melodic vocals, and one of the things inspired me to make solo records was the some of the singers. I liked and I was inspired by when I was a teenager people how devote own Raivis and Kalinin from wire, and particularly Brian Eno Susie sue they're all find things, but they don't sing. Like, they're around the campfire. Are they don't seem words like the round count fire either? So I just thought why don't why enough Mobil's doing that? I mean, they'll sees no one expects cease to sing like, you know, like that share or anything. So there's room for the I like that kind of singing, so a suited my voice. So the first two. Quiz was deliberately placing myself as more of a rock and roll singer. And then on call the comet. Because I went into the record with no expectation or preconception. It was nothing to do with the Recco. News nothing to do with. Now's the time. This you know, this would be a good third idea for third record. I went in kind of be open emotional. I was beat up from promotion of mile agree, which. I started to get very intrusive enough. What was a little it kind of was just burnt out by the time. I don't know. And of course, the political situation in the U K. So I went into the comet fitting kind of emotional sorrow Cape fairly, emotional, Korchagin, ges and fairly emotional music. Eighteen months only use certain kind of melody you have to put yourself in it. And consequently, I've learned are being reminded that's. People like that. Because this recruits been the most popular, so maybe we'll do more. Not a bad attitude. Here we are with Johnny marr talking. Call the comet on world cafe let's listen to another live performance this one from his second record solo record playland. It's easy money live here on world. Cafe. Fan. Stress. What? What's?.

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