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Guys ex. Stevens of dnv are broncos. Posted moments ago that the denver. The denver broncos did in fact sign a tackle right tackle. They assigned ryan pope pending a physical source confirmed earlier this morning. Six foot. seven three hundred. Fifteen pound tackle spent the majority of twenty twenty season with the packers. He was an undrafted free agent in in two nineteen. So all right ryan pope zacks still believes they're going to sign a right tackle. Still they're gonna bring Competition into camp so it was a weakness anyway. If you wanna call it that everything else was looking pretty good. You know cushenberry's was a rookie last year. So you love the progression that you saw with him. I think you're pretty happy with this line with or without john james and john james was still a giant question. Mark for denver. going forward. Top tax tuesday is presented by. Well i advanced is our top text sponsor but fresco painters brings us top text tuesday each and every tuesday put us up with the gifts. New new pates nick. Right new hates nick. More than i do and let me. I like to hate spore tape. I don't hate anybody love everybody. i'm. I'm a lover not a fighter except for nicola yokich. I will fight for him. Colfax will fight for this guy new beau lube like hall of fame. Noobs in the hall of fame. He has his bowling alley. You know he's got a bunch of pictures of nick right with darts that he's just chucking throwing adam because he is not like nick right for awhile. Nukes says so. If nick nick right said today okay. Let's play that clip. We have it new. I gotta give you credit. Noobs sent that to me this morning. Bright and early. So nick rights talking about aaron rodgers to the broncos yet finds a way to take a dig at nicole yokich and the entire state of colorado even as a chief be happy for the people of denver that they get to see what an actual legitimate. Mvp looks like you mean like peyton manning illegitimate mvp. John elway. We know what an mvp looks like. All right we know what mvp looks like but just takes us an opportunity to take a stab at nicola yokich. It's nuts man. i mean this. This whole thing is frustrating. The guy says no ratings. Come from it. Says i'm not talking about nicole yokich or the denver broncos or the denver nuggets. Excuse or either or the only reason. He's talking to the broncos because of aaron rodgers frustrating frustrating guy but now he senses it. now he's like a bloodhound. That's what these guys are like man. That's what national medias like. They grab something. Oh i got a hold of something in my hand. The entire state of colorado hates me. Because i won't talk nicola yokich and i say is a legitimate. Mvp and he's the worst one at thirty five years. They're all pissed. Ha we got a ballgame. That's the media. Man that's the media sometimes and it's frustrating. Talk about what's real. What's real right now as nicola yokich is dominating. I don't care for lebrons. Healthy james harden's healthy katie's healthy the whole year and then some joker has put on the best performance by an individual player that i've seen in quite some time and i know i'm biased. But i do watch a lot of nba a lot. And i'll tell you. Lebron probably does deserve a few extra. Mvp titles probably does because i in on a yearly basis. The guy was the best player in the league. That's not the case anymore. He's been out forever but it wasn't the best player in the league last year. Joel embiid's great cam pass. I like player. If i'm gonna take an mvp. I'm gonna take a player that can do it. All which russell westbrook is always the guy but he does it all individually. He gets the assists and all that but you still watch his play. There is a difference between getting getting assists and elevating the rest of your team. Your good passer your capacity and find guys ten times a game. At least you can find guys open. They can make shots they can do it. But when you elevate not. I'm gonna i'm gonna pass to this guy knowing that he's gonna pass to that guy to set him up or a rebound at knowing that there's a guy over there going a slap behind my net. My my head joker is one of those guys that makes everybody better. So he's away different player. His triple doubles to me are so much different. Then than what we see with Russell westbrook with again. Westbrook broke the record last night. He's a triple double machine. He's a fun player to watch. But he's he doesn't elevate the team around him he never has. He hasn't been deep into the playoffs really ever since he walked goes away from a superstars. That's been the way for him. And i'm not listen. I like westbrook. I've said this for years. I like russell westbrook. Because he has gamesmanship he fights with the mascots. He talks trash to the crowd. I like that stuff. I think it's great because hate in. Sports is fun thing. Believe it or not new. Nick right is fun. I it pisses me off to no end but it also gives us something to talk about. It always is going to give this us against the world mentality and the nuggets. Until until we'll they ever get that respect. I don't know how to todd text in moments ago saying. I don't know why you bother talking about nicole yokich the mvp race. It's not going to happen. You'd be is not going to award him. Unless he's in the east or west coast. Well janas milwaukee so you can you can win the mvp. He's going to win the mvp folks if he's not riot streets. I don't call for protests often call fat colfax but when it comes to sports that mean nothing to us i'll be out there No he's he's gonna win. He's absolutely going to win this thing. Four games left. Pride goes off tonight and takes care. Charlotte we'll see try to secure that fourth spot if they win tonight. I think they secure for so that would give them home court advantage for sure in that in that first round so big stuff there. We got a lot to get to today decrease. We're gonna join us. Have they called off the rockies game yet have you heard anything. Colfax have not heard anything. Sure i mean they. They did yesterday. Is it's supposed to get nicer. I'm refreshing yeah. What's what's the weather. colefax us. a weather man It looks like it should stop doing whatever it's doing in denver around five o'clock so maybe they would. I don't know they don't care if the field. I guess they have the field. Yeah maybe they're gonna play they will. We'll get through on talk to us about it and get his thoughts after the saint louis series. What he thought of nolan aaron auto and all that jazz coming up nineteen minutes after the hour. Do wanna shout out to on the rocks liquor celebrating their tenth anniversary. I'll get you the game beer information. I don't have that yet. But on the rocks liquor. It's the go-to they gotta drive through. I love it. It's family owned and operated. John and tony husband wife do sensational job there about greeley in weld county. They're big supporters and we. We just love everything that they're about. Johnny tony tell them. We said hello from the whole show. Nineteen minutes after the hour. It's top text tuesday and we'll see noobs thirsty man. He wants to win one of these. He is the only three time he's won three in a row before but that was before we were giving gifts away before. We were crowning champions. So he's the preseason champ. It's never actually won the big thing. The big super bowl the big championship of all of it. So we'll see if he can get himself a little bit closer today. Top techs tuesday continues. It's the whole show powered by pd energy. It's a party. Northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi block party wednesdays from four to ten pm. What's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint on northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. What's up paul again. This is act stevens with. Dnv are broncos in your host. Y'all on thirteen ten. Kfi twenty four after the hour. Welcome.

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