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Ramirez gunnar heighten alec all day do uh hoarded pick your gatt your in this economic no score through the for framed this evening the series finale with the cats and dogs now the acute breaking ball out dyed to the right handed battered it wanting to on harold ramirez last night ramirez one her foreign aid to nothing pick your gas triumph part of a1 persist going here it had lock you'll through the first two games of the series one you pick is a breaking ball swung on admitting ramirez hayden as it came to neared morning by maria who of murray hailed the game birthday koets with other than that another the owner in the first inning kim log hatatou out double hor new hampshire that's the lone hit of the game for either side thus far alec allstar gunnar height banning with nobody on in one out the perth grit i wings and mrs added cain government danka with nothing had one account the merle's in south carolina native handling the designated hitter duties tonight for the cats old one he takes and other caned gut this time low pro bowl an even up the count one in one it was just announced earlier today governor height will also participate in the eastern league home run derby on july eleven the one one pages a fastball outside your balls and one strike i have nine dinger bashir that's a career high and we've only played 85 games well tonight is.

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