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Take the i'll take the mentioned there even if it does have some negative connotations all right coming up next the dodgers are hitting home runs at a record pace. We'll explain e._s._p._n. L._a. Mason and ireland show mike trudell sitting in for mace ace today who has gallivanting across europe and he's in croatia. You've been watching succession no and here's the thing that i i downloaded read the entire first season when i went to lake tahoe and didn't watch any of it because they just we ram too much fun and doing download. It feels like the one app where you can't download okay. There's there's this thing called. <hes> you download this app called play on. I'll show it to you during the break and the promise it downloads in real time so you got to do it overnight <music> download anything off h._b._o. And then you'll have it and you'll have it for a week no kidding okay but i didn't want to do that for china. <hes> yeah lakers going to china this here and and that's coming up. We'll talk more lakers in a second but mike the dodgers got back to be in the dodgers last night at dodger stadium. Do you know who threw out the first pitch anthony anthony davis and did you see it right down. The middle yeah man fucking somebody rotate roach me is he gonna fifty senate sent out a first pitch for the mets and it was awful. Yes anthony davis davis's pitch from the rubber. Jarred shadow was z. was right down the middle rooted in there and apparently <hes> he make cody bellinger before the game. I was following some tweets from some people at work over it does spectrum sports net and they said that he had a really good time in in <hes> really enjoyed it and so so anthony davis comes out throws out the first pitch boba shet dante's son homers off of clayton kershaw early matter of fact he homered twice but but then the dodgers absolutely exploded for five count them five home runs. Here's what they sounded like. Sports net elect alexa opposites flatbed since take it the dodgers on the board sewn guys at the top of the order use your those more than the guys and it's always gosh the guys at the top of the order pol one swing now full of warm later in the game. If he comes up what's ahead. This is his to on pitch. That's center-field moncey funniest. Fly battle white works by skyscraper things in your homeroom nine. Months is whole food fishes run. It's a flare by the right center field against three yeah and that was the final score sixteen to three mike to put this in perspective. The dodgers have hit thirty home runs thirty over the last eight games including those five. You just heard last night that was joe davis an oil hershiser sports net l._a. Those thirty home runs or the most hit over an eight game span for any any team ever the previous was twenty nine by the seventy seven red sox and they're also on pace to break the single season home run record for the dodgers and they may finish thing about this with eleven guys. It's in double figure home. Runs bellinger has forty two months. He is thirty two peterson is twenty-five turner as twenty two key k. s. sixteen seeger and for do go have twelve each will smith has eleven david freeze a._j. Pollock and chris taylor all have nine. I've i've never seen a team. Hit home runs like this and so so first of all you have to acknowledge that the whole league is changing in the ball so like the yankees this year. There are doing basically the same thing but yes this dodger team is so special because not only guys that we thought were going to be good but there are five guys there that we were really sure i'd never heard of will smith and now by the way by the way will smith is about to screw me big time all right so we bit mythical money around here mythical ethical money sponsored ride the bicycle hotel and casino bergman who are going to not even you thought you had a chance to win this bet you said that dodger catchers at the start of the season and.

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