Russia, Vitali Klitschko, BBC discussed on BBC Newsday


Here on the BBC of Russia's invasion of Ukraine this morning on Tuesday will take you to the latest flashpoints where Russian and Ukraine forces fight for control of territory and focus on the humanitarian situation as hundreds of thousands attempt to escape the continuing bombardment of besieged areas In the capital Ukrainian soldiers continue to hold out against Russian forces which Flank the northern fringes and look to be attempting to push out to encircle and surround keep Ukraine says Russian forces are in the final stages of an all out offensive and that three towns to the northwest of the capital butcher hostile and urban have been under constant bombardment and are currently the scene of some of the most intense fighting The mayor of vitali Klitschko had this message At this moment battles continue in buca er pan and hostile our guys are fighting now I just want to tell you we will not go anywhere from Kyiv If needed every building every street every block post will stand till the end Nobody wants to die Nobody wants to be dead but we must protect our children and our families Our houses are being ruined Our future is being stolen They want us to surrender this will not happen I am strongly convinced of this I want to thank every patriot who was ready to defend our homes and our common future Well we mentioned one of the places at the front line is the town of orphan 25 kilometers outside of Kyiv a mother and her two children a teenage girl and a boy aged around 8 were reported killed by shelling as they along with others tried to escape the town A New York Times team witnessed the bombs for filmed the moment the family were hit The father was the only one who survived Our correspondent Jerry Bowen sent this report from the besieged town.

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