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The great funding sports breeze gusty winds heavy the roof was men and this and for Italian even these guys are maybe three and four divisions below can frustrate of jokes in Pearland united of Cinna because sometimes you can make difficult for guys with way more talent no have two teams in the Premier League disparity between the quality of the teams and you can't even make it difficult Creatine Chances Warren of it what you're going to do an attack incense you even make it difficult for less her a good site to try and break it and you don't even do the basics first and foremost less button though in the heart chase to half time debit we reorganized we make it difficult they made dom easy it shouldn't take a lot walking it's not it's not a situation where you have to look at the bench and try and get some help but what did uh you automatically a few if you call yourself a professional you automatically go on though you prove everybody and you bought and does the High Cheese Creek said and then you try and go from there you don't just carry on way openly impossible around just smacks of a team that this nothing to give the nobody organizing on the field and on the field of play they don't have good enough players nine now what's your worst of April I can't remember I know certainly remember the nine I think this comes down to pride you know when that third goal goes in and still in the first half normally reaction if it's not after the second goal you think okay just because the red carbon giving up now you've given up the third goal and you you as a player and especially as a group you know you nothing's changed other than you've lost an attacking player so defensively you should be that wide open anyways there shouldn't be easy chances second balls that fall down in the penalty area just because you have a player sent off they should still be yours that are one now the out pass in the consistent pressure that might happen but when you stop being prideful mindful of positioning and shape and understand and you have to work harder when you're down a man that that shows a lack of character and maybe just the fact that each player doesn't want to play for their teammates I've been looking at the monitor it's not it's not stevie said Brian it's not difficult to senior player with experience and you've got two years later next year for five in the metal with no bill till the manager's job even if he's not looking as if he's doing it experienced you've got experience with leadership forget four and five maybe someday slightly more to talk and possession so if we break away we can get ace we go for walks we still dragging your strike back then so I mean teams can score against understand that and I always said this losing losing and losing Bhai four or five goals as a really bad right losing Amman an almost losing double vegas is a disaster and a full pol looked usual that can a given up on each other pretty much craig in you would get one of the senior pros we prepared people in here you do this you did up I don't remember what Jim is a and C an any single southampton player talking to another Rogers running around the we're all just running around not thinking Shetland not walking for the guy standing next to him and with nobody on the field to tell anybody year knee then it's a complete and utter awesome Hutzel as the people who are already saying Brian He's gone and he doesn't know what he's doing any even though he offered Tequila last year when he was maybe have a good someone to transfer when I didn't have to be free but Gorgon and see but I think the team finds saying once again on just seems to be a little bit loss you have to give some credit goes volley how trade Perez hat-trick Certain Times teams just say okay it's enough we'll just pass the ball round they just went for the jugular and even though there's nine goals I think for Leicester the stability at the back is what's impressive to me all four all four in the back line of played all ten games have started all ten games and that stability allows players like Vardi and laments who come into this James Madison who's really starting to put everything together not just have that nice little being able to get out of tight spaces bring players in and young harvey bombs looks good young players will gap nine now you hate this is an Italian I have absolutely no problem with people scoring a lot of goals even after ten men even when you're five Nola halftime if that is what the cultural context demands Ralph hasn't hotel can have no problem because he would regularly run up the score back when he was in Germany that's that fits Germans in German culture as well I had oppressing pressing be playing thinking that way when it's eleven eleven is hard enough playing that way when you're man trying to press all over the pitch when you're a man down pretty yeah I mean you can share with his players if you like but this is on him which is your which is what my point was initially with any yeah which is any waffle-sole which clearly most of these are not then he plays whilst assault after the mining just said to you for five ten minutes maximum you get around you go right don't care what he says and the story this is what we do does proper senior experienced professionals not people that just feet so if he tells you go and jump off the cliff you're going to then today you too many players I think are too absorbed what the court says sometimes che's this week of course the big gains to stand outside is an field on Sunday Liverpool playing host to Spurs of course very different fortunes considering the way they both have started the season you worry it's all saving about this game I'm actually quite cool but to be honest with you in every game this year why wouldn't that be we should it lost me united yeah but then why wouldn't I mean why would not be confident particularly at home plan against Tottenham say who last season this would and the way they were plan was a different ballgame this this game last shoot Liverpool had the school molasses manner this time Roan this Tottenham say is so lacking in confidence the you know when the off the boss they're thinking well she wanna hear today that's not what they were thinking last year last year they were thinking tell you what we go here again this is good that should be tastic because I think we can do it they're thinking the complete opposite they will absolutely go illiberal and Liverpool after them straight away and they battened down the beat the bookies obviously agree with the Liverpool big favourite suits one on Spurs me working at twenty six to five draw seven to two gap how do you see this having I think I'm GonNa Lean Liverpool I think the weekend show on the mid week as well was pretty emphatic. I'm GONNA live double bluff Dec- you're worried about the option bought them and you all know no there's been too many changes hasn't there been from and along with those changes the injuries to the up too much I think the fact that the possession that Tottenham used to have last year isn't there isn't a strong so the back three or four ended up having a lot more pressure put upon themselves and all those question marks added up against the Liverpool side that can hit you quickly they can hit you methodically of course it's not only the center bags of question about whether or not they're committed to Spurs Christian Erickson as well gav oviously hasn't really featured as much as you would expect right six thousand five substitute appearances so far this campaign in all competitions what's the deal the deal is simple he has an expiring contract and I think from the club's perspective the he hasn't signed they.

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