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This guy is going to play. You know, all four defense four D like that's not what it takes. It takes quality as you pointed out. Ribs and and petty, But I still think you need multiple pieces for Jack Eichel because he's that good and that quality of a player for salmon is different Now. I'll tell you this. I interviewed Brad Larson for something else, the new coach in Columbus and he said, And I was this quote. Our team is gonna look much different next year. Oh, wow. Okay, So it's not just said Jones is is your team in Columbus is gonna look a lot different next year. They're planning on training and goalie Corpus. Hello, armors. Lincoln's You guys that Jody Shelley, he talked about both of them. I really like Mars likens Korpisalo is is good as corporate solo a step again above walmart. I don't think so. But Mars Lincoln's I think could be long term could be really, really good. So that would be a good direction. But if they think in Columbus, the team is going to look a lot different next year. There's a big piece. Come in to help down the middle at some point, and Sam Reinhart would be a decent sized piece like they would have to have more along the way of other trades and acquisition they're going to do, but I think Sam would be a good piece there. They want. Yeah. You know what might have been a long time ago. But you've got two of the three gold medal line there with Max Domi and Sam Reinhart. If he if he goes there if they were pretty dominant together at the world Junior is not going to try to bring Anthony Duclair back and me. Absolutely. Yes. Absolutely. He was already there once. Why not Bring him back Instigators? W gr 5 59 machine. Go ahead, Greg. So what? I'm trying to say to you here, gentlemen, How do we feel about my my pick? Number one. The Sabres needed defense era goaltender. We know that we do know that Columbus Blue Jackets have two very good goaltenders, and they want to move one of them. The fifth overall pick. Which what Ellie Elliot said. It could be. You know, I'm not saying there could be a high pick. I believe that it could be a Sam Reinhart deal. I think I don't know him overly excited about number five in a goal because I go to the goalies, hit or mess and the number five's hit or miss. You're not getting any certainty back in your lineup in the Who do we have as a goal right now? Okay, We have Lena's okay. And he needs to be re Don't have Llinas. We do not have Leanness ribs lesson. Okay. He's still technically. Until free agency start and I finally in Seoul, Mark. I'm telling you, I will like yell at on the rooftops. You don't want to go to free agency because there's too many goalies as not enough chairs. I've been in that situation before. I was like, Oh, I've been to back to back playoffs Conference finals two years ago after Philadelphia. I'm going to get five plus million a year on a long term deal. It's gonna be great. And you know everybody is talking about Ha. There's there's a lot of goalies and not a lot of spots. There's a lot of only not a lot of spots and you know how long I was on the market for three weeks. And I got a backup slash a one A B third goalie situation with the New York calendars. That's what ended up happening and I'm telling you, they are leading us all. Mark. You don't want to go to free agency. That's my thing. But okay, let's just say that You have an option to maybe acquire MERS, Lincoln's or a goalie via trade, or you have an option to maybe acquired goaltender to free agency for a few years, So look at the names that are available on free agency Frederick Frederick Anderson. Antti Raanta, Uh, Peter Marais. Zeke. Jonathan. Bernie is still a really, really good goaltender at James, right? Am not crazy about James Robert, but he had a good season. Okay, you've got you've got a you know, you've got goalies that are available. You've got goalies you've got. 56 Brian Elliott older. But he could come in and be a backup mentor to anybody you would want. Um there is gold. Chris Draeger. I forgot about Chris Draeger in Florida. There is goaltenders available that you don't have to. To trade for you can just sign them. And Lance Lisovsky. Also sorry you were saying and I was gonna say, and it's not going to be where you're going to have to to trade and then sign them to a huge contract. They're going to take Two year deal because they know that market's flooded Lance Lisovsky also right. He's had more time on our show the last couple days, and he has all year. Another savers. No for you. All the Devils have interest in defenseman Rasmus Crystalline in, according to multiple sources, the Devils have the assets, picks and prospects that would make the deal work for Buffalo. Glaring need at right hand defenseman with Carrick. A U F A. So, um, you know they have the fourth pick. I don't know if you get the fourth pick overall for restore for sure, but I mean, there's there's a trade. There's a trade there to be made, so maybe it Maybe it's New Jersey. And what we're talking about here is, uh, Elliott Friedman, reporting that the savers could be in the running here for another pick in the top. 10 and Craig suggested Columbus. Anaheim also came up and obviously the L A pick. So I think this is more to do with Sam than Jack. What do you guys think? 100%. 100%.

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