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People, some of them senior citizens in a large ballroom in Fort Meyers. The chairs were set up with social distance, but many in the room weren't wearing masks, Trump told the crowd. He's protecting seniors, but you have to live your lives. I'm working as hard as I can see. You can kiss and hug your Children and grandchildren very soon. That's something I missed. Also, I will be honest with you. Polls indicate Trump's support with seniors isn't a strong as it was four years ago, and his handling of the pandemic is a big part of that. Tamara Keith NPR news traveling with the president. The Biden campaign, meanwhile, says the Democratic presidential nominees tested negative again for Corona virus. He's campaigning this hour in Michigan Whole show former vice President Joe Biden with a growing lead over President Trump's so far with the administration's handling of the Corona virus. Foremost on the minds of many voters next Wednesday, just a week and a half before the election. Former President Barack Obama will make US first in person campaign appearance for the Biden Harris ticket in Philadelphia. Another concern in the middle of a pandemic. The federal deficit NPR Scott Horsefly reports it hit a record $3.1 trillion in the fiscal year that just ended A deficit for fiscal year. 2020 was more than twice as big as the previous high set during the great recession a decade ago. It's about three times what the government had been expecting before the pandemic struck. With businesses shuttered and millions of people out of work. Government tax revenue shrank at the same time federal spending balloon as Congress authorized trillions of dollars in relief payments to keep families and businesses afloat. Trump administration was already facing a $1 trillion deficits even before the pandemic hit. Despite the government's massive borrowing interest rates have remained exceptionally low. Scott Horsley. NPR NEWS Washington This is NPR news. In friends. Police have shot dead the suspect in a shockingly brutal attack Today in a small French town about 50 miles northeast of Paris. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports. The incident appears to be related to the ongoing trial for the terrorist attack on satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. Ah, warning this report may not be suitable for young listeners. Police are treating this as a terrorist attack. A man was slain in public on the street in broad daylight. Decapitated by another man with a knife. French media are reporting that the victim was a history teacher from a local high school who had shown his students pictures of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed. Such caricatures are central to the ongoing trial of 14 people accused of helping the terrorists who attacked the magazine in 2015, killing 12 people. Charlie Hebdo recently republished the caricatures to mark the beginning of the trial. Three weeks ago, a Pakistani migrant attacked a woman with a knife near the former offices of the magazine to avenge what he said was the blasphemy of the cartoons. Eleanor Beardsley. NPR NEWS PARIS The number of American troops will be leaving in Afghanistan in the coming months is still in dispute. National security adviser Robert O'Brien says President Trump and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper have already signed off on drawing down forces to 2500 by early next year. But this week General Mark Milley Told NPR. True production still depend on conditions on the ground. So far, the Taliban have been violating the terms of their peace agreement with United States Taliban attacks in Afghanistan. Have risen. I'm Laxmi, saying NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include focus features and MSNBC films. Presenting the way I see it and inside. Look at President Obama and Reagan through the eyes of White House photographer Pete Souza.

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