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To practice it if you will before you absolutely need it, engage with us and give yourself a few extra minutes, certainly. Alexandria, Luke Luger WTO pinus. A Sunday morning tractor trailer crash has left the driver dead on the beltway at a fairfax county. Virginia state police have a truck was in the northbound lanes near Georgetown pike just after 6 a.m. yesterday when it ran off the road, struck the guardrail and then hit a pole, the driver was a 33 year old from Radford, North Carolina, police say he died at the scene. It's 1255. Money news at 25 and 55. Here's Jeff claw. The valley is up 204 points. The S&P 500 Index is up 35, but Aztecs up a 120, that's almost 1%. Twitter is not letting Elon Musk off the hook, saying his third attempt to scrap his original commitment to buy it is invalid. Twitter shareholders officially vote tomorrow on Musk's $44 billion acquisition. Loudoun county topped the D.C. region for home prices in August with a median price of what's sold in loudoun county of $600,000 ahead of the $660,000, and that tops our links and county usually the most expensive county at 639,000 last month, D.C. metro wide, the medium price of what sold in August was $555,000. The U.S. news rankings of best colleges for the 2022 23 school year is out. The University of Virginia is in a four way tie for best public school with the University of California, Berkeley, the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Michigan. These schools are ranked on 17 factors including test scores and faculty. Jeff claypool. News. Coming up after traffic and weather, we will go out to Scotland where mourners continue to pay their respects to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. His 1256 Dell technology semiannual sale has arrived, and it's time to upgrade to the latest business technology, save big on laptops and desktops with Windows 11 pro. Plus get amazing deals on servers, storage

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