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To tell the story. My husband had had a severe heart attack. And the suburban hospital decided the airlift him to the University of Chicago. But they had to have the town's ambulance put him on the gurney to get him to the helicopter, which was about 700 ft. Away. But he still needed to be transported to the helicopter. And several weeks later, I get a bill for $1500 from the ambulance. Take him across the lawn. Get him take him across the driveway. And I fought it. I did. I thought it I said that was ridiculous. I mean side, no matter how to carry them across the helicopter. Thanks for the call. I'm sorry. I'm glad it worked out. Kevin, you're on WGN. What did you want to say, Kevin? John. My daughter was in the accident in August and broke her leg pretty severely, and it was in central Illinois. They had to fly a flight for life helicopter to take her up to Peoria, and the bill was $46,000 for a 15 minute. Helicopter, right? You know, I've heard, you know, Brendan, I travel and when we buy the travel insurance, that's what they say you're paying for. It's like if it cost you a few 100 bucks for travels Insurance. This is pre covert, right. But it was like, get that because if you have to be airlifted from Santa Reaney to Boston. That's going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars, but I didn't think it would be that expensive. You know, central Illinois, the central Illinois. Yeah, We were absolutely shocked so they didn't want to pay it at first. But then they said she had no other option to get up to the hospital in Peoria. And therefore they ended up paying it for us. Thank up. This should not be a phone conversation. This should not be a phone cover. Why You are an insurance company that we pay you money and we never use it. We never use that We never use it. We never use it. And then the day we needed. You have to give us some of the money back. That's what insurance companies do. Yep. All right. When I get to be king, Kevin, I'm putting you in charge of insurance. Thank you, sir. You're welcome. Are you going to say? No, I mean, I I I I think you just kind of hit the nail on the head. You're you're paying for this and and it's to be there when you need it. It seems. Pretty simple. Well, I don't know how these things work, if if you caught besides aske far as I'm concerned, our taxes should be paying for the E. M. T s for the ambulances. I mean, you've got a fire district or some sort of a bet Your tax bill somewhere. There's some money going to pay for the pay for these things. I look just handed me some text printed out, and I believe I have 10 pages here. Well, I sure hope that guy that I just put in charge of Put in charge of this insurance and ambulances. I hope he's up to the task because he's got a lot of Kevin. Yeah, No, he's fine. He's good. He's an expert. Yes, a veto. Veto. This is John, You're on the air. Good morning. Good morning, same situation. My wife and I were involved in the motor vehicle Action, Winnebago County, and that's you know, rappers and we rear ended. 55 60 Miles an hour truck that hit us pick up truck front bumper winds up in our back seat. Uh, it take us to the hospital. Police called the ambulance. Two different ambulance companies. We gotta built $1600 once again, not pre approved that coverage. So what happens to these stories? Do you all end up paying that then veto Well, we're disputing it. Now. It's what my insurance company, my automobile insurance company, but we were found beyond what the insurance with the automobile insurance covered. So there it's just now. I mean, collection Bill, enjoy on feel free to get back to us on how that goes. Somebody just said their son was in the emergency room had high blood sugar level. So they said, We're going to transfer him to the hospital, and they charged him $3000 to take him from the ER to a nearby hospital. Hope Kevin's up to the task. Kevin, if you're listening, this is that we're going to send you some paperwork. We're gonna get you a stamp. We're gonna have it notified and certified, notarized and then you'll be in charge of this, but that's just not right. It's 9 30. This is WGN news headlines here then speed jokes and then what legal ground does the Senate have to throw out or try and dispute? The electoral counting tomorrow. This is W g. M 32.

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