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A long time. This is the sixth year of this administration. I've traveled before and been on the phone here to make sure everything is moving properly. So I'm confident that we can make it work to Blasios says, in fact, his resume makes him the ideal candidate. I am the chief executive of the biggest city in the country. I have a kind of experience, that very few people in this race happen to have I'm James flippin. W O R news on arrival. That was the way. House speaker Nancy Pelosi described President Trump's new immigration plan. The California Democrat, slamming the proposal unveiled by Trump today, saying it's not remotely serious plan aims to move the US toward America, immigration system, putting an emphasis on highly skilled and educated migrants an investigation center way into several reported cases of cat torture at the Newburgh city school district Newburgh city police, confirmed, they are looking into at least one incident amid word that video has been circulating in which a mythical middle school student could be seen tying a string around a cats next winging it around and killing it when it hit. It's the wall police are asking anyone who may have information to contact -tective, New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo sent failing the final design for the new entrance to Penn station today. We are announcing that we're going to add a new east and gateway, which will be on the corner of seventh avenue and thirty third street. Well Cuomo, Cuomo, says it'll provide much needed access to both the L A, R R concrete concourse, rather than subway's, construction, actually begins next month and should be completed by twenty twenty. The Missouri Senate is passing a Bill banning abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy. The legislation passing today in the Republican controlled Senate by twenty four ten but still needs another vote in the house before it could be sent to governor Mike Parsons desk. The move comes after Alabama governor Kay Ivey signed a strict abortion ban into law, text messages, at the Lieutenant in charge of the case of Eric garner are now being made public during the fourth day of the disciplinary trial of officer. Daniel Pantaleo today, text messages were read in the courtroom from Lieutenant Christopher Brennan. In one of those tax, Brennan told his deputy the garner staff during his arrest was quote, no big deal Pantaleo facing disciplinary child for allegedly using an illegal choke hold killed garner as he was being arrested for selling cigarettes. Illegally. Former Harrison police chief Anthony MARTINI was sentenced today for charge of tax evasion MARTINI asks for leniency and his lawyers argue that he should have been spared prison time are Cini admitted to failing to report more than two and a half million dollars in revenue from his construction property, as well as rental properties in purchase and rhyme. This report is brought to you by Zell tells an easy way to send money to friends and family, right? From your banking app. Not sure what to.

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