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Upper sixties by the bay traffic and weather together on KCBS KCBS news time three twenty one well the bay area's remarkably empty freeways amid shelter in place orders are making way for some major new developments and talk more about what we can expect on our roads over the coming months were joined on the KCBS ring central news line by park nee the office of the chief of public affairs and strategic communication at Caltrans what you guys are making some lemonade out of lemons yeah we've got a big announcement today we are going to be moving up one of our biggest project that was supposed to happen this summer at the end of the month we're going to be actually feeling that deck replacement on the U. S. wanna one freeway but al many circle in San Francisco April twenty fifth instead of July in order to take advantage of the low traffic count that we're seeing right now the people are sheltered in place and also in order to reduce impact on the region as that works back in the coming back to work in the in the summer that sounds like a good idea refresh my memory I know we've been reporting on that project on KCBS but for folks who don't remember explain why this is a big deal this this project it's old freeway about seventy years old this particular part of the freeway it's about eight hundred but bridge that that the deck is starting the the thick racked up a little bit so we're going to take this opportunity now to completely replaced by the new deck on there so that that that we have a traffic happened three adults will want to walk support there aren't a lot of cars out there these days but there are some what should they know about detours and so forth well let's look at health first this area is normally has about two hundred forty thousand vehicles that fell over it every day we're seeing reductions in the region of about forty to sixty percent make it a great time that that do that we are gonna have to put the foursome flight we're gonna ask people to stay tuned as we get more into what those reports will be but looking like motorists heading north bound on the wall one will be taken off at the I. two eighty connector and then southbound we're gonna be moving traffic around a little bit trying to keep them moving on the one on one during the construction for how long is this going to take what we're gonna see this was originally designed to take about eighteen days and our contractor is Myers and sons and work spec think that improve the amount of time that it takes to do the work but we do expect it done early may with the project now and you would have to pay tackling other projects a like this during this time well there's no other product like that this is that at Headley impactful one but we are looking at where we can add your lane closures and get a little bit more work done right now we're a value waiting different thank that's the what we can do said streamline the work that we have to do that when people do come back to work tropical mobile well it is a my personal perception you guys are doing more pothole repair than you normally are I'm not sure if it's that that's the case we're just hearing about it more you know what we do a lot of pothole repair it in use you're seeing a more now I think because there's less traffic out there now but we are trying to do what we can take advantage of opportunities all right apart thanks for bringing us up to speed appreciate that part may chief of public affairs and strategic communication at Caltrans we're going to shift our attention to Wall Street markets closed for the Good Friday holiday but there is other business to talk about the retail industry has been hit hard.

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