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Saw. I question my friend. What is the fast. Ufc fight you remember. What should i. The first time i saw the. Ufc was way back in nineteen ninety six. I worked in a video cassette rental store. This is how people used to buy. I used to rent movies. And we had a whole section for ufc fights and this is pretty fascinating and and promised to be very violent. I watched it. It was one round for twenty five minutes. They're kind of locked up for like the whole time. And i thought well this isn't very violent So side i did become a really die hard fan when i really fell in love with it was when there was all the hype surrounding ronda. Rousey yeah met. Ronda rousey should. She had Her training facility in glendale california and it was attached to the little office where you would go to apply for your Tsa pre check. Which would allow you to get through the airport without taking off your shoes. I was just trying to get my pre check clearance and next thing you know. I'm talking to ronda rousey. And and and i really got it got into it so i wanted to watch all all of her stuff. I and then that wow you know. This is actually really really exciting. So it's it's been five or six years that i've been pretty die hard and i've become such a maniac for it like i watch. I watch every fight. What would you most called. I was watching. I'm your tweet. Came up and then they gave you a saw. I don't know if you if you had two saw but they will us tvos watching. I thought very gus for you but thank you saw mid fight. I appreciate that. Yeah brendan fitzgerald said. Stephen likes what he sees and i did. I don't think there's anything i've been in a shot mid fight. You know the tweet coming up on the screen is good but getting the i. That's that's the next level right question. He's favorite ufc fight overtime man. That's such a tough one. My girl and i are both rabid fans we sit down we watch you know for six hours from the fight. Pass prelims on and there's only one fighter who when this fighter fights we can almost not stand the anxiety because if anything bad happens rose nominee unions. It's going to destroy dog. Rose thug rose. We love her so much that we almost like can't stand the anxiety of watching her fight because we so don't want anything bad to happen to her. When thug rose. I knocked out. You wanna nj check like we were jumping up and down on the sofa like tom. Cruise doing an oprah interview was it was it. I mean she likes her so much was it. Wasn't he love about you. Know i would have to say that it is her humility. You know. I of the belief that it's possible to be a star in the ufc and have humility and respect and integrity in all of this Trash talk and being the villain and being disrespectful of your opponents like it a little bit rubs me the wrong way you know i. I don't care for it as much as fighter with with real class like destined pouria. And i'm speaking with dustin pori a after the last mcgregor fight and i told him i said you know what man not only happy for you. But i'm happy with the idea that we could usher in a new era. Where the stars of the us the you have seen can be like really classy. Have humility be good people. And what dustin said was he said man. That's what i want for the whole world. You know what. I want people in the all the people in the world to be like what a great guy. I understand that the fight game is show business. It's entertainment and so you've gotta get attention you've got to create a story line. You know there is value in being disliked. I mean take kobe. Covington for example. I love watching that guy fight. I feel so invested in disliking colby. Covington that i could almost say he's my favorite fighter. You know so. I understand the you know the dynamics of fight promotion but i also just wish that That there is a real reward for being a classy guy with humility. You know like rob rob whitaker. He was saying. Hey man. I know that. The title shot. I should be talking trash and this and that was. That's just not me and that kind of hurt me in my heart. I want like. I want that for the good guys question. What is your favorite. Yes he fight that you have attended or watched you know. I gotta i gotta say it's a toss up between this last one between dustin and connor because i mean i was sitting right next to donald trump and justin bieber. You know the celebrity firepower at you have to sixty four was really off the charts. Man always mcgregor fight as far as actual fights go being in the very front row watching whitaker romero to in chicago. This happened and June of twenty eighteen and god. It was incredible fight. That hall event was was unbelievable. And si- right up close in person from the front row a love. That was incredibly. You call go room. I mean i mean i. I live in england so we have to stay up to three in the morning to watch the fights. You kinda you kinda like forcing your.

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