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Forecast. Visit CBS for local dot com. The Washington Post reports the Amazon may change their mind about building a second headquarters in queens, Noam Laden has more if Amazon really does pull out lots of people in queens could lose out. The tech giant has promised to hire. People who live in nearby public housing and many who live in those projects want those high paying jobs to lift them out of poverty because I want to know further. What do they have what what is it entails the type of job that they have an a train the Washington Post reports Amazon's been watching the battle some have waged to keep them out of New York and are now thinking they may want to set up their second headquarters in a place where they'll be more welcome. No, one Lleyton NBC, News Radio New York. The average refund on tax return so far this year is down about eight percent. According to data released Friday by the IRS refunds are averaging about nineteen hundred dollars this year at the same point last year. It was more than two thousand dollars. This is the first year that the Republican led tax overhaul of thousand seventeen is impacting returns. The White House is releasing a letter by the doctor who performed a four hour physical on President Trump Friday. Brian shook has details. Dr Sean Conley said the president is in very good health, and he and -ticipant till? Remain. So for the duration of his presidency and beyond Conley's letter said that he performed and supervise the evaluation with a panel of eleven different board, certified specialists. He said the president did not undergo any procedure that required sedation. The doctor wrote that the president was very grateful for the care. He received Brian shook NBC News Radio co host of extras being suspended during a sexual misconduct investigation. Warner Brothers television announced the suspension of AJ Calloway on Saturday producers said in a statement that they have done an internal review to see if there were any allegations against Calloway while he has been on the show and could find none lover other allegations were brought to their attention. So they are expanding the probe and have suspended Kellaway until it is complete. John Jeffreys NBC News Radio we parents here. Our kids.

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