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We have had a great quarterback. And how long blue. I mean, you've covered that You follow this guy who is the last one We've had. My dad told me I was even born in the forties. My dad. We had a great quarterback back then. That Sid Luckman. I mean, how who's forties? We know what is who was back in the 40? Yeah. You know, Sid Luckman. We always live on Sid Luckman. I know. I know. It is. Nick pulls the right guy. I mean, if based on this year. No, I mean, you look at the numbers. You compare what he did against what makes did Mitch was Mitch, Even statistically, was a better quarterback in his nine start supposed to polls in his seven now one could argue At the offensive line when it falls were starting wasn't at its best, like Itwas for Mitch when he returned after being benched. And the Bears went back to their running game under Mitch and had success with it. It was something that they didn't do when Nicole's was the starting quarterback. I just don't believe that that's the type of offense Matt Maggie wants to run with this king. That Maggie came in with a vision. He's an offensive. He was a brought in as an offensive guru. That's why George McCaskey, Ted Phillips. Ryan Pace brought him in, and I think it's time to tell Matt Okay, Run your offense. Let's see if it works in 2021. If it doesn't maybe Chicago is in the right fit. Well put Good luck with everything with the restaurant front, Luke, thanks for keeping us posted on stuff for crying. Thank you. Exciting week in a football. I'm taking the Packers and the bills in the Super Bowl. You didn't ask, but I'm telling you, Packers You think the Packers gonna be Tom Brady? I don't think anyone could beat Aaron Rodgers that Sherry's on a mission, he said. A chip on his shoulder 37. He's got a point to prove they drafted a quarterback. The Packers it in the first round last year. No, it was more motivated to struggle with Bela Chick anymore. Come on. I'm your totally wrong on that. And I love you to death. But Tom Tom Brady's going to win and but the rest of everything else you said his absolute perfect. Thank you, Luke. Thanks for checking in. Thank you, but I talk to you later. It's bottom of the hour. Let's get to the news here on W G. And.

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