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Presidency now steve you've read the book it's a candidate and honest book i go into the rap against carter inflation iran inexperienced by himself in georgia mafia the interparty warfare with ted kennedy what i call the several is and i deal with them honestly and candidly but they have come to totally subsume an obscure the very real accomplishments that he made both at home and abroad and i wanted after all these years almost no living eyewitnesses will remain in future decades to write this now to try to put the presidency in a more positive vein but also a more candid vein to have a real honest reassessment of what was a very substantial inconsequential presidency researched the book you wrote the book but you also lives through those four years can you give our audience a sense of your own and you're in the carter white house yes i started with president carter actually when he ran for governor and then president is as policy director i was his domestic adviser for four years coordinating all domestic economic issues but i was involved in many foreign policy issues as well as was the back channel to israel during the middle east peace process i worked on a number of sanctions issues against the soviet union and against iran and what i think is an authenticity and credibility to the book steve is that it's based on five thousand pages one hundred and three legal players of contemporaneous notes taken of every meeting every phone call i had with the president the vice president of the cabinet the congress plus over three hundred and fifty interviews and i was not selective i interviewed everyone republicans democrats those who were favorable to car those who weren't i interviewed the president himself five times so it's it's really based on very contemporaneous being there and i try to do it as an insider but also to try to take a historian's objectivity and make a candidate i knew that if it was seen as just a whitewash of all of the problems it wouldn't be taken seriously so i've really tried to put everything in order but having done so to see major accomplishments our energy security.

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