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I'm going to say an anarchist. That's a little bit of what you've always said. I would probably what you tell you. Bob is tom is. Don't try and give the answers but just would that be a fair assessment of the one hundred. I think he's like no. Nobody likes being told. Well today. that'd be nice But we will really deep down. We know what we need to do to change the situations that we've got us into the down. We know that actually we just need the opportunity to be able to. I know flight in the site space and solve the issue ourselves. Because he's going up in here now head it because west and west west and i'm sure every listen to spent at least one night life sitting up or laying in bed worrying about whatever it may be creating. The worst case scenario possible primitive brain likes to look for scandal different possible options the worst case scenarios and we just y y y but actually if we get out of our head if we talked to somebody about it. We'll say well. Actually if i did this. And then i went into dan. They sold their infants. I had a guy Give you a quick example at gotta come down to lines h. q. pre pandemic and site told me about large stuff new off Personality soda eighteen month waiting list. When he's highly has is his moment he to out the house but wife doesn't like leaving the house because if he leaves the house she doesn't Him so she stops guy now. Which makes he's case tiga konkan He's an artist..

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