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We sedition to the trade war, thumb wrestling wrestling present shame President Trump. All right. Well, in the meantime, unreliable entities and sweeping blacklists is where we are. We're gonna get an update on what that all means and how it may ripple through the tech world from John Early C'mon in just a minute. We'll get those details in just a second for step though. Back to your role, the business with Charlie Pellett, and I think very much happy Friday, by the way to the two of you. We've got the Dow, the s&p NASDAQ, not so happy finished the trading week down for a fourth consecutive week in the us, and P five hundred index falling today by one point three percent. Stocks extended a weekly loss to the worst since Christmas. Treasuries rallied a fourth day as the Trump administration's trade. Spats intensified oil, west Texas intermediate crude tumbling five point seven percent today at fifty three thirty seven a barrel. Brent sixty four forty nine down three point six percent gold down a higher by one point three percent. Thirteen o five ounce. The ten year up twenty four thirty seconds, yield two point one two percent. So the P down thirty six down one point three percent. The Dow down three hundred fifty four down one point four percent, and NASDAQ lower by one hundred and fourteen down one and a half percent. Matt Maleas is equity strategist at Miller tailback. He's got this advice for investors. The most important thing to do is not react to parsley people start dumping stocks left. And right. And then they caught them trouble. But I do think one thing, I've been saying, I several weeks is Bill raised a little bit of cash get a little bit more defensive and go, and look at the stocks that people K you too weak to these uncertain times. In other words, once a good dividend not only pay dividends but have a record of increase in their dividend on a annual basis on a regular basis. And again, recapping stocks lower the s&p slumping thirty six points to end the week and into a new trading month and twenty seven fifty two. I'm Charlie.

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