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Fifty five degrees in Boston at five o'clock good afternoon I'm Ben Parker here's what's happening it is a huge proposal at a battle is expected as congressional Democrats rolled out their latest corona virus relief package today house Democrats are introducing the heroes act the bill contains what speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have been calling for it shows that focus on three pillars opening our economy safely and soon honoring our heroes and putting much needed money into the pockets of the American people the bill is scheduled for a vote on Friday and is expected to pass on party lines Republicans though are pushing the brakes on additional relief saying they want to see how efficient the already approved nine trillion dollars is before proving any additional relief bill Rakoff CBS news governor Charlie Baker today visiting our corporate partner in the war on coal that nineteen his emergency order expires in less than a week but governor Charlie Baker says he's in no rush to remove the covert nineteen restrictions we've been living with across the board in Ashland today to visit a biotech company contributing to the fight against the virus Baker said reopening the state's economy will be done slowly and deliberately with public health foremost in mind we remain as we said before one of the hardest hit states by the code nineteen pandemic we still have a lot to do and where to go to contain the fraction rate and reduce the number of people who need serious hospital care the governor says he's filed a supplemental budget request with the legislature calling for an additional one billion dollars in spending to continue the fight against the virus he says that effort continues to focus on testing and contact tracing to stem the spread Mike Markkula WBC Boston's newsradio merit now been more than four hundred and one thousand covert nineteen tests performed in Massachusetts the latest numbers out today from the department of public health six thousand seven hundred and sixty eight new tests reported today eight hundred and seventy new confirmed cases Russell thirty three newly reported deaths bringing the total death count in Massachusetts from covered nineteen to fifty one hundred and forty one Dr Anthony Fauci is warning of suffering and death of the country re opens to so the nation's top infectious disease expert spoke by teleconference during a Senate hearing and said that there could be deeper economic damage of local officials lifted a stay at home orders while the virus still rages depending on the dynamics of an outbreak in a particular region state city or area that would really determine the speed and the pace with which one does re enter or re open she also throwing a bit of cold water on the idea of students returning to campuses in the late summer or fall it says unrealistic to think the corona virus treatment or a vaccine will be available by ban calling it a bridge too far five oh three traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes so what's going on Mike well not a whole lot traffic lights been here we've got some pretty good highways including the operative one twenty eight north bound could wall them all the way up into Wakefield and Peabody no which is on route three or ninety three across the state line into New Hampshire even through what is clear up to that Saugus Lynnfield stretch Leon let's see how things are downtown to get your Manfredi insurance road report sporadic delays here they're real specially along the river roads on memorial drive the eastbound side it's backed up a bit now at JFK's street headed back up a little earlier over at river street that you got the right lane work everywhere before mass out of the west side of the border drives a little slow just after the Longfellow bridge heading out toward the up my tape drive in relatively good shape this afternoon it had been backed up a little while ago over a dog Washington Street causeway street that looks like it's improved they are portals are good lower level of the Tobin bridge has that works down to contend with question of offer insurance rotor part other highways including the mass turnpike in the expressway are great now keep in mind all highway rest stop service plazas they are open but keep in mind there is a parking ban being enforced at all state beach parking facilities miking for WBZ's traffic on the threes mainly clear.

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