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Just like all the complications and complexities however with kyle shanahan cell. He doesn't marvelous job simplifying the game for his quarterback our mind you are mind all y'all jimmy g. leaves the nfl in yet. Meaning jimmy receiver yards after catch. Meaning jimmy jeez receivers. They actually do more work than jimmy does. Jimmy d throws a dump all pass or check out with that receivers run run run further minimum. What it means is this that does shorter. Routes they do sorta rows and kyle shanahan does a very good job of making for easier completions at a minimum. We can deduce get because they are run based team plex passes. You're going to be greater. Media stopped doing the same listening to. You know what i'm saying is it's cowshed hands simplifies as often for quarterbacks regardless of how good they are if rookie quarterback's biggest struggle is complexity of defense is in kyle shanahan biggest strength is simplification of offenses. It's a great combination for trae lands to go ahead and start right away. Great great point. That is a marriage made in heaven and you know. Also the mayor's made in heaven the fact that the general manager john lynch and cal shanahan on the same page lockstep. That's a problem for you if you jimmy g. Think about this what should they do. What tremendous story last. I say you let them sit on the bench. Make sure that processor can process this. Is you know when you just keep rolling them into situations that practice when a bullet start live and you wanna make sure to. He's understanding this. You learn so much from the nfl game playing it but close second is being right there and going through the mental process the mental reps. That's why tom brady. Who sat down in year one. You could just go through the list of people who sat down peyton. Manning didn't sit down and like you said that processor was getting lit up. But that's not what's going to happen here. They're not gonna listen to me. I've been trying to tell them all along. Sit them do. If he's so special it will shine through. But i'm gonna tell you what's really going to happen. I is already a current as the hype. This is how it go. you start here. And he's activism descriptions and descriptors tremendous trailers and then they let go they let their run. And that's going to be an off season but these bullets are alive so then also you're going to hear like a cow shanahan come out and say oh. Wait a minute. There's temperatures sir brings us down these expectations and chill then. A preseason is gonna start at all they need is a validation that they can sail to the fans because right now they're ready to turn the page on jimmy because jimmy g. you're limited but to his dead cap is two point four million dollars. They look like ooh jimmy. This is a perfect way to say goodbye to you with that dead cap number but until trae lands shows the world not just us in video spying on him. In preseason practices the world sees this on a football field against opponents that he doesn't know what they're doing this won't come to fruition. I'm rooting for trae land. So i hope it does come to fruition but in reality you should let him sit and learn from jimmy mea. I mean i'm not mad at that. Take because i've always said quarterbacks that get to sit and get to learn. They ended up doing better in the long term. It's as though over catapulted forward in their careers lamar jackson he wasn't thrust into starting right away. I don't know if he learned from flacco but at a minimum learned from black holes. Mistakes patrick mahomes wasn't thrust into action right away. Aaron rodgers wasn't the rest into action. Right away tom brady. He wasn't thrust interaction right away. Those are last four. Mvp's in the nfl. Aaron rodgers. tom brady patrick. Mahomes amar jackson and all of them have the privilege of sitting. I so i think you're right but felt was crazy is year-by-year the nfl changes right now. More than ever because it's the most recent year you had to win right. Now why would you wanna have a tray lance who is more physically talented than jimmy. G. is probably healthier than jimmy. G. more capable than jimmy g. but you keep them like. Why are you go by yourself. Because you're going to be that dude. We talked about this. Charles woodson has weekend a great charles and he like you work with. That dude doesn't work with marcellus vernon wiley. Now you're but do. I call them vernon he used to be dude. Okay so let's go back to that. Do you wouldn't go to the store. Not even a store you wouldn't go off melrose in a fresh pair. Kicks have a party that night but not where to kicks party. Why would you go where your creased air force ones. That got scuffed when you walked up and tripped on the stairs when you just bought a fresh pair of kicks you mortgage a little bit of your future by. You can go to any store. You wanted consignment store to a consignment store and so you had to actually trade himself to trade his shoes that you light in order for you to afford the fresh pair of kicks the neither one to consignment stores trading couple first round pigs bought a tray lance and you tell them to sit trey. Got a party tonight. You don't make. Hey boy don't take me back to that mindset. I used to do exactly that but also didn't work. Because i was that dude. Let's talk about this. This is why you don't play trae lands because the only year jimmy g. was able to start from beginning to end what happened. They went to the super bowl. They had lead the fourth quarter and jimmy one. The reason why didn't win that game lobby wanted to about this about that defense. That was second rain. Tim points data typically and gave all those points in the fourth quarter. So here's the thing. If we have jimmy we got him on a books. Twenty six point four million dollars cap it. This season base salary. Twenty four point one million if he gives you a super bowl pairs that's cheap. There's an argument to keep jimmy g. around in the same row. There's argument to say put trae lance out there. But here's the problem with that argument. Josh sallee it'd be p. Candidate how do you look rookie year. Bus sam darnold talent coming out of college rookie year. I look a second mitchell. Trubisky causing wish. Oh boy. how do you look as rookie year. What about jared goff like number one pick not trae last number one pick point being. There's arguments on both sides of state chips all in. It seems like they're to go with. There's a small strength to really want a small strengthen argument to really want to start trae land from the small strengthen argument. that's often overlooked. I who games this season against the detroit lions and against the philadelphia. Eagles is not just about who you're playing. But who is the people you're being compared to trae. So they're going to be compare to aaron rodgers on opening weekend. What is it. September twelfth i believe is the opening. Sunday or yeah. She'll be september twelve compared aaron rodgers. And he's going to be compared to the person on the other side of the field. If you're trae lance please compare me to jared goff just kennedy golladay. Compare me to if you're trae lance please compare me to jalen hurts led by knicks and devante smith who have missed the three weeks prior off and mc l. injury that is currently recovering from. Please compare me to them. Furthermore oma first two games are on the road. So i can't even get booed if i struggle. It's a perfect time to start a rookie quarterback in there ever was a time man..

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