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For Some random Adam crime. It's because the president went so far above and beyond what they should have done this never they never started with crime. The other three impeachments all started with a crime yet. Pelosi looking for a definable crime at least in the Fed definable crime but at the end of the day I read the transcript of the Dolinsky phone call here. You had a president of Ukraine. Getting elected did on a platform of rooting out. Corruption thanking President trump starting thanking them for selling javelin missile so he could stand up to Russia when Obama and Biden would not sell those same missiles to to help Ukraine stand up to Russia talking about other things. They're working on and cleaning up corruption in Ukraine which everybody knew there was so so there was there was never a by the way there was was never a link between aid and investigations and so that was the heart of their their first charge impeachment the obstruction of Congress exerting executive authority is something every every president since George Washington would Jerry Nadler vote to impeach George Washington because he did the same thing that president trump is done in exerting executive privilege. You fight that out in the courts but you don't impeach a president because he says I'm going to do what every other president is done at fighting for my rights and article to just like we have rights in Article One you resolve it with article three to judicial branch year voice. Steve scalise nothing shameful or wrong about the president's conduct in this matter no laughing this Alinsky thanked president trump for the help that he's wrong. I'm GONNA pros or the two people who really were participants in the call and both of them thought it was a good call. So what what a what. If somebody else's opinion who wished Donald Trump's shouldn't have gotten elected think so nothing wrong inappropriate or improper. Now his job all presidents done his job and it's not an impeachable offense to carry out different foreign policy than maybe Nancy Pelosi would've carried a moment ago. You mentioned favorably. Moderate or centrist Democrats. I think Doug Jones might fall into that category Maybe maybe not He said this week that the evidence clearly proves.

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