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Your home that they recognize how much money they're saving an energy that's reflected in what people pay you to buy the house where when you have a ppa you're trying to convince somebody that they want to inherit your obligation where one is an obligation the other is an asset right so that's why i like the you even if you can't pay cash for a system which most people can't that you finance it at the very low interest rates that many of them are offering and you own the thing and then you just saving money year after year but again i want to emphasize the one risk to getting solar is that your state public service public utilities commission changes the rules about how so we're customers are treated in the middle of the game after you already own it and that's a nasty thing for your wallet it's time for ask clark that's where question you posted at clark dot com is given to me by jol and joel hoodie heavier i ask clark from clark yellen from gloria she says i was on your website clark looking for protection for my computer and i saw year free antivirus software guide i was looking particularly at a vast what's your take on that do you have any recommendations you know the choice between the two that are the best known free ones are vast and av g and i don't know that one is necessarily better than the other it's just a matter of which one you like better than the other so i think using either would be a great start in reviews that the techies do these both rate okay they don't rate is like the absolute best that tends to go to ones that you pay a fair amount for our steve road any says clark the other day i heard you say on the radio to not by timeshares the people pay you to take their weeks or at least give them t for free how would i get in touch with somebody like that okay so the deal is they're paying you to take over their timeshare so you're fully obliga needed to it going forward but where they may appeal a ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars to buy the week plus they bought all the obligations you end up getting the time share with them potentially paying you're giving you the time share just so that you will take over the obligation so one place you should go is go to the timeshare users group and you can google timeshare users group or tell you the web address is tug to you g the number two dot net and read reviews of owners and what they're saying about places they own a week and also there people they're trying to get rid of their weeks say either way you'll get the info you need in addition to that look at vacation dot com v a c a t i a where people are trying to get rid of their time shares as well from rashidi says can you suggest the best app for android or apple for monitoring teen son or daughter's activities well the the one that is considered to be the most thorough the most intrusive and your son or.

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