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Quarter said. Hurt your score so you know and realized this is one college one study. You know that so. We always have to keep that in mind. But i tell my students like you shouldn't change your answer unless you're like you have that like blow your hair back like oh my god. I can't believe. I almost chink. That answer right like or career or or like a new piece of information pox back into your memory. That makes you be like oh i have to. I have changed. That's absolutely right and if you don't have that moment you're probably going to change it to an incorrect answer. Because i tell them that you know all this comes back to making you go down another hall of talking but you know you preach the right word but you talk so much about the importance of retrievable practice and you have a whole podcast series lately on examination strategies in that sense and so it's like well. How do you get confidence in. Your answers retrieval. Practice right you've practiced retrieving this from your memory. So you know why you know why you recognize your initial answer as probably the correct answer because you've practiced it multiple times so when students have studied and studied and studied. But they haven't done retrieval practice. It probably more likely to recognize that correct answer but not really know why. They're recognizing it as the correct so i often say to my students like you're recognizing it as the correct answer because you did lert right. I did the work. You just practice Practice pulling it out of your memory. So that's why you're not potentially not feeling confident in it and you know why potentially hurting you're changing. Your answer is going to hurt you in that sense so i think that the conversation just needs to be much more nuanced and tie in there studying in preparation strategies more but of course that takes a lot of time. So that's where you know what. I carried away from this that to make sure that i'm not giving black and white. Never change your answers. But to talk to students about their thought process behind changing answers and also incorporate. Okay do you wear as we look at the rest of the test. You know rather than just hone in on the wrong answers. Do you see that you changed your answer to the correct side and focus on bolstering their that thought process because i think it's easier than for them to beat up on themselves for changing answers to incorrect but a and then completely brush over the right things they did which would boost their song esteem and anthem in confidence going into the next exam. And i think we miss that opportunity from ably because when you have limited time to meet with potentially hundreds of students in that you're managing you just hone in on the wrong answers that that's what they're interested in looking at and wouldn't it be amazing if we could review exams and focus on everything..

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