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Any of our man thanks change greg uh i just wanted no with all these free agents do you think what came do thank or teams do thank our best position to kind of i mean at some points these guys are going to have to come down on their asking prices this there do you think there's some teams that are kinda waiting in the weeds ah as is like the white sox wouldn't do that but it's a great question and got the alertlooking leslie answered i that's greg western have absolutely you know i i think the twins i think the twins zara who went from last two playing well kagame last year i think minnesota twins man chris archer who is of the great strikeout pictures and baseball in the twins or a team that nobody took seriously last year and of course during the white sox aol central i think minnesota twins could be making a move the orioles have to get pitching they went after andrew kashmira but they're not done they're gonna get some more pitching and i mean evenly astros who won the world series went out and that caracol we know former above a top pick in the draft with the pirates out of ucla let me i look at it seemed like milwaukee who's done a lot in the offseason and and it to his best sarah fielders and baseball rioting in christian yellow lorenzo cain and you're sitting there were the rotation that is lacking and the markets coming back to you and you know that might not be the case going forward so i would expect unkind surprised as an happened already that the brewer seven got an aggressive with a guy like arietta would make sense on a lotta levels for them so i i you know i think it's teams that are to me it smallmarket teams are close enough and realize that this is an opportunity where the market is come back and we should take advantage of it let's get the darren jackson on epa.

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