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Do you jesus incrementally grow into this sort of harm now i i mean i think it's full of like all kinds of his assemblies the summer stuff is happening to you that tie them the almost and formative years cno like your the school is happening and and all that kind of social consequence that's happening this enzyme and you know uh but i was kind of already is obsessed with working and wanted to do more work and we know so it was it was kind of a minefield kind of time fanie by i had the right people around means of navigate it fall me i mean i would like to take a lot of the credit for the decisions that one is on my behalf by just car they were amid formulas i and and i was i was advised in certain ways and and i am incredibly grateful for that i mean i still have the same management imagined i did tell those years ago it's been seventeen as well that's cool new friends that would just quote up until you is what jeff still nzl to this day of it which i am a great deals on jay busband a real pleasure thank you so much for having me i didn't i appreciate if enke all right that was jimmy bell i've ever seen six days now a great so we won't talk with a as we get into the reviews section of the show we will talk about murder murder murder murderer on the orient express which is kenneth bernard has big allstar adaptation believes where you guys are going up to this neither of us has seen it yet so i think you're the only one who seen at this point sakkara blair mongia acted triomphe cue to plough ya.

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