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I'm so excited. Let me know how it helps. Usps I love you. I love your brain and your brain is going to love ballitser. Next up is my friend. Jordan Lee Duly author of own your every day so I have been spending a lot of time during this very interesting season reading and trying to look at it as an opportunity to really get clarity I think sometimes as entrepreneurs as go getters and as creatives it can be so easy to just get so caught up in all of the things we love doing. And all of the ways we love serving and all of the working in our business that we can sometimes forget to work on our business and that can really lead to a little bit of chaos. A little bit of lack of clarity because when you are multi passionate when you are passionate in general. It's really easy to feel like you're being pulled in a million and five directions and so this season I really have been encouraging creatives and entrepreneurs to take some time as much as it feels like a little uneasy that there may be a dip. In sales slower season when it comes to revenue. I always like to think about the way that fields work when you think about farming. Well how a lot of farmers would farm for thousands and thousands of years is that they would farm for six years and then on the seventh year let their fields rest and I think in some ways. We as doers and as business owners forget to do that and so what? I think is interesting about this time. As as much as it was unexpected and maybe a lot of felt unprepared for it. It's also an opportunity to reset and to come back stronger and I have really been focusing on reading business development. One Book that I really love is called. Ema Three visited and he talks about developing Your Business program and there's kind of seven key components to that the first being really digging into and clarifying your primary aim what that is now maybe slightly different from what it was when you started or several years ago and then when life gets busy and you go through pivots sometimes that primary aim begins to shift and you need to revisit that then. The next step is to determine your strategic objective. The third is to determine your organizational strategy next thing your management strategy than your people strategy than your marketing strategy and then your system strategy. You might have bits and pieces of this figured out. You may have gone through this process or thought through a lot of these components. When you first started or your two ago I think it's a great opportunity to revisit that to strengthen some things to make an adjustment where adjustments to be made. I also think it's a really great time to get super clear on your numbers. One of the reasons we panic when things go wrong or when they don't go according to plan is because sometimes we can feel a little bit unclear it when it comes to things like our finances and our projections because again when we're so into what we're doing and we're serving our clients and as long as we're making revenue. Everything seems to be good as long as we can pay our bills. Keep our lights on. It could be easy to get caught in that like hustle mentality to where we don't really sit down and do the hard things. I was just talking to a lawyer friend of mine which she pointed out how her business booming right now because so many people who have kind of put off some of the legal things that are boring and not as exciting as getting clients and marketing on Instagram. And all the things that we hear about she kind of referred to as the dentist a fact and she said a lot of times people don't want to go to the dentist until they have to go to the dentist and in some ways a lot of business owners are experiencing that right now like they don't want to have to do the boring legal stuck at their house in order if you will until they kind of have to and so if anything look at this as an opportunity to get your house in order to really clarify some of these things or revisit some of the goals that you had set before to clarify your projections what you actually need financially when you know what you truly need and where. You're really going less likely that you'll panic if things are uncertain are things. Don't go according to plan when you can get clear picture on your finances. You can make the necessary adjustments and decisions to continue to sustain at least for the most part so yeah just really take this time to work on your business even though it would probably feel better financially and what not to be working in it. This is really an opportunity in your business is going to come back so so much stronger if you choose to take advantage of it in this way Low It's Rachel Luna Aka girl confident on Instagram. And the host of the PODCAST. Real talk with Rachel Linda the best advice that I can give you in this time and any other time. No matter what's going on in the world is to get into a great journal. Practice in fact studies have shown that journaling boost your immune system. It improves your mental health and increases productivity. So right there your mind body spirit. It's all taken care of with a simple five to ten minute journey practice every single day. It's a life changing. Hit Me up if you need some props the second practical tactical thing that I can tell you you're going to want to really focus on is starting your day with income generating practices. So you're GONNA do your journaling in the morning and then you're gonNA go out and start making money. What's an income generating activity? While it's following with the client's it's creating a post that has a call to action. It's writing a sales email or writing a sales page. It's anything that will result in a cell or someone coming back and saying. Hey tell me more about your offer and the third thing on a more mindset perspective is really reconnect with your identity and the way that you do that is by assessing. What do you believe what do you value? And what do you want to see in the world? When you have the answers to those three questions you will never against juggle with indecision. And I'm telling you right now. There are going to be so many opportunities that come from this season. And there's no greater chance for you to grow ten x one hundred x like this is the moment the only way you're going to be able to leverage that is if you're very clear on who you are what you stand for and why you are here so. I hope you have fun. Get to journaling and definitely reach out to me if you need any support with this ad. Love it's Natalie Jill Natalie. Jill Dot com website and Natalie. Joe Fit is me on social media. Gosh what crazy times. We're in right now and it's really letting me reflect back to other times in my life where we had massive massive setbacks and the blessings in those and I know that sounds funny to hear in times of crisis but I can remember very clearly like it was yesterday. What was going on When nine eleven happened also I lived in Reston Virginia area years ago when we had the sniper attacks and we were put on house arrest and life changes we knew it and then back in two thousand eight two thousand nine when the stock market and the housing market crash and just everybody was in massive financial breakdown. What I know for sure what I have seen firsthand witness in my own life and witness with so many others is that when there is massive failure step back crisis that innovation creativity new brilliance is always born out of it hard times never last but they always always create innovation creativity and massive shifts with people. Some of the biggest success stories. I know of came out of hard times. My recommendation for what's going on right now is one surrender to it instead of trying to fight it and being uncomfortable with the change. Look at what the opportunity is right now. The opportunity to create space the opportunity to think the opportunity to go within the opportunity to really take some time for you to get back to your roots and really do some deep thinking on where you could serve where your gifts are where your creativity can shine. Think that first and then looking at where you could potentially pivot in your business or with your life. The question always to ask is what is a problem that people are facing right now that I have gifts awareness and solutions. They could really hope that problem. It's not about being original and it's not about being better than somebody else's idea but it's about coming together and really thinking where can I actually add value? So that question again is what is a problem that people are facing? And what can I offer as a solution to that problem with my gifts? My skills my creativity if you approach things from that direction and create a win win. You never edible news Study here and I know everyone's kind of stressing a little bit about what's going on with the online business so and he wanted to check in and asked me to give you tips that I'm doing right now right now for me. It's all about goodwill some of us. We meet times like this. We get a little bit stress. We think we gotta sell but right now. I'm all about capturing leads so I am giving away a lot a lot of stuff right now capturing goodwill and part of I did that. I have a huge generosity bank in terms of all these products that bill so one lesson I would say is when you're a creator and you're putting out lots and lots of stuff. I capture everything and then I basically put that stuff aside for times like this so I'm giving away workouts. I'm giving away programs and especially stuff. I'm in the health and fitness. Baso especially stuff that I built. They can help immunity sleep program stress programs workout programs meditation programs. All of that kind of stuff is all the stuff that I'm giving right now and so to me that's really what it's right now is goodwill and then of course there's always going to translate into better business later and so that's the primary thing I'm doing and then to other tips is to me. It's there's certain people right that this is a time of possibilities as well as fear and so in marketing. Yes sure you WANNA tap into some of the fear base aspects for example. If you're dealing with trainers and people who are coaches those individuals want to kind of be like. Hey listen you've missed the boat and you might WanNa get an online space and then other people who are the lay public. I'm kind of speaking to look. Did.

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