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They voted for trump. I don't want to excommunicate these people out of my life you know. So what do we do see. That's that's hard for me because you know know for first of all. I say we can't we i. It's hard it. it's it's it's hard. It's disingenuous to yell at people to to scream at them that they need to change that. Their views are wrong but then give them no space to do so when they want to come over But on the other side. I there's a large part of me that has given up talking to to trump supporters. Just given up on it. Because it's i feel like an especially in the age of social media. You only get so far and you know you talk about the non violent communication and let's be clear here that doesn't mean like not punching people. It's it's it's a way of speaking to folks. I don't have that i haven't mastered that and and so for me. It's been personally sort of required to just to actually communicate those folks from from my sphere to to to move the negativity out. But you know it's for those who are interested in learning those techniques. I think that this documentary is just absolutely fascinating and Anyone who's interested in watching it. Can you let folks know where they can find this. Yeah so all the. There's so i started out with the idea to make it a feature length documentary. I made one feature length before called exported from michigan You know ninety minute range And they ended up deciding to break this one up into into short episodes is just it's just more Contemporary way people consume stuff right. So it's it's thirteen short episodes. They're all free at american times film dot com and You know we've gotten really good response. i've had at this point. I don't even know three or four dozen people. At least you know tell me that episodes moved him to tears and they're just so you know happy to You know they've taken the time to check it out and got real value from it. And so i feel really Humble grateful that. I had the opportunity to make this and to to make this part of my contribution to get in through all of this You know nobody told me. Am i film that that they were moved to tears. I for dozens and dozens of times. You know people really move by and so Feels good that people are getting something from it. Yeah and for me for something. I'm not able to do or not willing to do to see others. That are is is quite moving. And i encourage. If anybody's you know. I encourage people to to check this out. So thank you so much for joining us today. Writer producer director of the documentaries called american times journey for madness to forgiveness john. Vander poets been excellent talking to you. Thank you you really appreciate it. Everybody stick around. We'll be right back with the good news. Everybody it's ag for the daily beans. Ms portion the podcast is brought to you by ashqelon incredible company providing the best in connected fitness at an affordable price. That's the key to guys like me. Like i said before i you know. The.

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