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Sunday went the way it went. Now it's now it's all we've got to abandon that, and now it's you know, three yards and a cloud of dust. That's not going to get it done. Against the Chargers. I promise you running Run run run is not going to be the Ella Charger's not with Justin Herbert. Playing the way he is drew lock doesn't have to match him Throw for throw. But The Broncos have to take their shots, and this is a decimated secondary. No. Derwin James know Chris Harris. This is a team that you can exploit on the back end. Why would you take away one of your biggest advantages in this game? Just because Drew walk through a couple of interceptions against arguably the best team in football. Sunday to me is One of the most important games of the season, and Zach alluded to this stretch is going to be very interesting with Atlanta, Vegas and Miami and I think I think Vegas Has proven to me that there probably a step above the Broncos. But none of those other teams have convinced me that they are and we'll see what The Dolphins look like what to us. I love Teo and away. Justin Herbert and Joe Burro have come out and played. Maybe two will do the same thing and all the sun. The calculus changes on the Dolphins game and and the Dolphins are much bigger. Task than they were going in. But this this month I I agree with Zach that this was going to be a better gauge where the Broncos are, and also there. Relatively healthy. And now we just need to see what their offensive line looks like. And the charges were dealing with the same thing with having to shuffle some guys around so If you're ever looking to get some pressure on the quarterback, Maybe this is the weekend to do with both teams tryingto. Clog holds on that their respective offensive lines. If you want to react to anything that Zach said 5 to 29872. Let's talk about The higher the tiger's maid, shall we? I guess there was I said yesterday. I think there was another opening forgot Detroit. Make open. We'll talk about it after this.

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