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That no matter who the voices. I've never book a bit and I was you hit for you. Hit with me with something. Nice Once I forget for a couple hundred what I'm trying to remember what what it was somewhere could remember who it was a good one. I think I think I think I. I think I mailed you a check Or whenever I know by the time we got to Belmont I think it was somewhere along the line and now I'm now I'm trying to think about that. Usually good with that kind of stuff. Remember now you had a nice one you said you know. Give me give me a you know. Give me a whatever the ten dollars. The wind place Or whatever it yeah had a winner. Whoever it was. Yeah Well Steve. Looking to pull up and I gotta get rich. Hang in here and Santa Anita picks back up tomorrow and we'll catch up with the rich but this was a fun hour and we'll talk next week's Anthony Derby preview and I'll be coming here from Belmont Park I believe right and have fun interesting interesting out there. That's for sure. Well you know it's I for me. It's not going to be that much of a different experience because I'm there you know nine to noon in the mornings and there's nobody really building yet anyway so for me it's not gonNa feel different actually but Other than that I'm looking for believe or anybody. You know out there in while the guy whoever. Yeah the guys. The guys that come over By the Belmont Cafe and and the come over to the main track Barkley always comes over in the mornings. He's there Christoph circles Shuki Bill. Graham Jimmy Toner right by you anyway. Yeah yeah sure shook sits on a bench and holds court and.

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